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Her Tabbyness

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Every morning when I wake up, I only have to look up to the windows above my bed to see Saba. She has this look of utter control, as if she was the one who rang the alarm. Her Highness is growing up to be quite regal, with that little mane around her neck, --oh, excuse me, Her Tabbyness!

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You're right - she's certainly in control. Your Tabbyness - you are beautiful. I hope your subjects have assumed their proper place in your life
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Beth LOL! She's trying indeed.....Sasha, however, is not that impressed preferring to stalk wild game in the backyard, although she did kiss his ears yesterday and the big guy enjoyed it.
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Aw how lovely - he'll be putty in her paws in no time
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Saba also got this over the weekend, as a housewarming gift. She's so small, she doesn't even fill up one shelf! Sasha has nixed the condo infavor of his beloved "sunlamp", the lower little lamp above the blanket to the left. That orange and black thing on the lower shelf is one of Sasha's dare it come any higher??

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I'm falling in love with Saba, she's very beautiful.
Nice pics!
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Very cute
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What a gorgeous picture E!

Saba certainly looks regal enough to me on her perch!.
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Saba, you're so gorgeous!Sierra says your new perch is just wonderful!
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She is beautiful! belly rubs from Mischka & Linx to Her tabbyness!
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We are not worthy
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I guess that makes you her lady-in-waiting?
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Originally Posted by Emma's Friend
I guess that makes you her lady-in-waiting?

Just brilliant.
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Lovely...I swear I recognize that look on her face...maybe there is a society of her Royal Tabbynesses?
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Elizabeth, she gets more beautiful with each new picture!! She knows she rules!
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Wow!! I send lots of kisses and scritchies to Her Tabyness Saba from me and her fans Patches and Tiger... And scritchie also to big brother Sasha Liz.
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Saba certainly fits the role of Her Tabbyness!
She is certainly very beautiful!
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i second the we are not worthy!!! the queen has spoken, and said it is good to be queen! music wants one just like that!! but she's more of a princess, you know what i mean?
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