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W32Nimba.E Virus Warning

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I recieved an email today that my Norton AntiVirus picked up. The virus name is W32Nimba.E and it came from this addy....

I downloaded the fix and ran it but not sure it worked. My computer tech is off sick today so will bring my computer in to the shop tomorrow to make sure the virus is off of my computer. I tried to send an email to the addy above to tell them that they were infected but it came back as undeliverable. So watch out for that addy too!

What a day!!
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Thanks for the warning Meme!!
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BodLover.... You are quite welcome!!! I ran the fix to get rid of the virus yesterday and then this morning took my computer to the shop and had them check and make sure I did the fix thing right. Everything is fine so I am proud that I did something right. It didnt cost me to get it checked as my son owns the shop.

Later, Meme
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Thank you for warning me, Meme.
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Heh heh Meme - sneaky!! do you think he'd cover the cost of my computer if I needed it fixing?!!!! ha ha ha ha - I don't think the postage is TOO expensive from England - its only a teeeny weeeeeny computer!!! ha ha ha ha ha.....thankfully nothing has gone wrong with it yet...so fingers crossed it will survive a while longer!!
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Meme, thanks for warning us!!!!
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Well most times I INSIST on paying him something for his time but he always turns around and gives that to the grandkids...

So the kids have gotten to where they like it when my computer breaks! :laughing2 :laughing2
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