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Persil gets spayed tomorrow!

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OK, so I know it will be all right but I am still nervous, having regard to her previous surgery and the state of her lungs/diaphragm. This is why the vet wanted to wait so long before spaying her. So a few good vibes this way tomorrow wouldn't hurt, for me as much as for my little girl.
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Jenny it's understandable!, especially after what the little mites went through

Sending (((((mega healing and calming vibes))))) for both little Persil and you
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Sending loads of positive thoughts for Persil. She's a strong little kitty - I'm sure she'll be fine. But will be keeping my thoughts with you
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Hugs and kisses and lots of healing vibes, Persil! Jasper is eager to hear from you, Eli, and Dushka in his thread!
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Good vibes to Persil!
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Thanks all. I'll let them back on the computer soon, it has been a bit difficult to get in the mood since Christmas and all the traumas.
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You KNOW my thoughts, prayers and best wishes are there for you. She's a special little kitty to me!
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Jenny i don't know what the time is where you are?, but has Persil went in yet?!.
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Sending lots good vibes to Persil.
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Jenny, I will be thinking of you and beautiful little Persil, I'm sure all will go as it should.
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Persil is back! She went in at 9.00 AM this morning, and the vet himself delivered her back to me at 2PM this afternoon. She was still asleep in her carrier so I left her in my bedroom to recover slowly away from noise or stress. She is now (5.45 PM) awake but very groggy and can't stand up straight, though she is out of the carrier. The vet said no food until she can walk straight, in case she suffocates herself by not swallowing properly. But it all went well, and I am sure that in a day or two she will be fine. I am so relieved to have got that over - There were, as you all know, special reasons why I was worried about more surgery for her.
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Glad to hear the little sweetie came through everything OK.
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I'm glad Persil is back home again and hopefully she'll be back to her self again soon
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So pleased the little ones back home safely Jenny
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Poor Persil seems much more knocked out by the spay than any cat I Have had before. Seven hours after waking up she still can't walk and just lies on my bed, with no interest in eating or drinking. I have given her some egg yolk, meat broth and water by syringe, very slowly, and some plain yoghurt off my finger, as it was 24 hours since she had had anything and I was getting a bit concerned. I put her on the litter box but she hasn't used it yet. I will give her some more liquid in a couple hours if she doesn't take some herself. I feel so bad for her, she has really had a rough time in her short life.
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I imagine her currently decreased lung capacity is playing a role. Poor little thing. She'll probably be okay, though - she's already shown what a survivor she is!
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Speedy recovery, Persil!
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She slept till 4.30 and then woke me up. So I managed to get some more egg and water down her, and she slept again. This morning she is walking and even ate a light breakfast. She has peed but not pooped (there's probably nothing in her yet!) So I am happy that she is recovering OK. As you say, it may take her a little longer than most. Oh, and she also proved she is almost back to normal by attacking Ellie's tail.
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Yay! She attacked Ellie's tail!

Well, Ellie may not be so happy at her recovery...
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Jan you beat me to it about Ellies tail!! A brilliant sign she's getting better
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I'm so glad she's recovering well. She'll be back to full speed in no time.
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I'm glad little Persil is feeling better!
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Thank you all for your concern and good wishes. Persil is totally back to normal tonight, I am so pleased to say. One minor annoyance is that they were not able to microchip her as I asked, as they have run out of chips and do not know when they will import more! This country! So there are still things to be done.
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Awwwww! As long as Persils pulled through though thats the main thing!
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Jenny, I'd like to ask a favour. Could you give Persil a cuddle from me. I so wish I could give it myself, but it can't be done.

Glad to hear she is right as rain again.
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It's done! She is lying on my bed as I sit at my desk, and I kissed her from you. I am separating her from the others at night in case there is any rough play and her abdomen gets hurt.
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Oh thank you so much. Every time I look at her beautiful face I get goosebumps all over. She is so precious.
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I'm so glad everything is over and she is doing good
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