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Behaviour change, when to worry?

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As some my know things have been stressed in my house lately~

Because of that Baker has made an obvious change in his behaviour. I am beginning to wonder if the stress has gotten to him.

A bit of background, Baker is a special needs guy (severe head trauma as a kitten and is now brain-damaged).
Change is his worst enemy and for at least the next few weeks (possibly forever) his Daddy is no longer here.
Baker has taken to from sleeping on the couch to literally sleeping on my face at night, and at that time being VERY needy.

I am wondering if this warrents a vet visit NOW or if next week (Thurs, March 24) I can talk to the vet about it? That day he is going in for a teeth/ear cleaning.

While I do feel that if he is "freaking out" that maybe his cleaning should be put off, he DOES need it! And the sooner the better (Vet's words).

Times are hard here, and I feel like I am losing my sanity, I don't want Baker to lose his too

Any thoughts?

BTW Tango and Cola are fine though sad, but fine~
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Cat's respond to our stress and to changes. He needs you for comfort and as long as he is eating, drinking and using his litter pan i wouldn't panic just yet-
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Thank you MA! I am trying to keep calm for him and we spend all my free time together

As of now he is functioning normally so I guess I won't panic

Are there any other signs I should look for besides the obvious (litter use, drinking, eating)?

Baker can turn downhill so easily and quickly that I just want to be sure~
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I went through the same when me and Rosies daddy split Ash, but the good thing was that we were there to comfort each other, and boy did she comfort me

Just keep showing the kitts how much loved they are
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Poor, little Baker. Sierra and I are so sorry you're feeling upset.I know this has been such a big transition for you. Everything's going to be ok, we promise. Your Mommy loves you so much, and she's going to take perfect care of you.
Is he hiding or acting unusually lethargic?
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