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Crate recommendation(s)

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I need to get a crate that is big enough for my three girls (Essie, Mukluk, and Stinkerbelle). That seems easier than getting three little crates. I was thinking of getting a folding crate. Anyone have any recommendations? The three cats are each about 10-11 pounds. Thanks !!!
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I am wondering is why you want a big crate?
If it is that it would make it easier to transport them I really wouldn't recommend that~
Cats can turn on each other in stressful situations, such as a car trip to the vet, and I can't imagine having my 3 freak out together. Hell would break loose to put it nicely and they are the most loving cats I have met~

I am assuming you mean for traveling?

If so, please rethink them having their own carrier, if not please clarify
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I have ten cats and 12 carriers. Some are larger than the others, some a top loaders, and side loaders. I would never even consider putting two cats in the same carrier unless they were baby kittens. Even the best of buds when crammed together can suddenly become stressed and start fighting-
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I agree with two previous posters. Please consider getting at least one carrier for every adult pet you own.

The only time I've ever loaded two adults into same carrier is when I had a pet that absolutely refused to lose physical contact with their best friend. And that was kind of dicey, because the clingy one needed the best friend much more than the best friend needed the clingy one. (If you know what I mean!)

Edit: Those were pet rabbits.
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My three are a momma and her two babies... except now they are all grown up (Momma will soon be four and her girls will be three). They all get along well and I thought they would want to be together and they would have more room in a big crate. If I get a crate for each cat, what size would be best. Also has anyone used the nylabone folding crates? Are they any good?
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