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My friend's cats: hilarious!

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My best friend moved from Tampa to Atlanta a few weeks ago, and of the many things I will miss about him, his cats are 2 of the reasons. He was down here visiting this weekend to clear up some things he didn't have a chance to before moving, so this is the first time his boys have had the house to themselves for a number of days. Whenever he traveled from down here, I was the babysitter.

Well, his one cat, Herbie, is the brains of the operation. Kris got home to discover that Herbie had mastered a new talent: opening the drawers in the kitchen. He already opens all of the cabinets. He got into the drawer that held the stash of coveted cat toys: furry mice and this one toy we call 'feathery thing'. It's one of his favorites, but these toys have to be used under supervision, because he tends to eat them. Well, a whole pack of furry mice was devoured, and every drawer in the kitchen was wide open, in addition to all the cabinets. I was LMAO when I heard this one. What a little brat this cat is!
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Oh, that's hillarious, Deb! Sounds like a little genius to me!
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Gee Deb, it's to bad these cats can't stay with you permanently! Just think about how lively your household would be then!
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An I thought ROWDY was bad! ........Oh, right - she IS!
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That's too much!! Sounds like he's been taking lessons from Zoe! hehe
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What a great little devil kitty!!!
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Very smart I say!
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I think Herbie and my Princess must have been separated at birth. They both can get in to everything.
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That is so adorably funny! I knew a cat that could (and would) open cupboards, but opening drawers is really impressive too.
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That's great! Imagine coming home to a scene like that!
Cheeky kitty!
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