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Woopsie...it finally happened...

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Yes, last night I called my new partner, Max, by my ex-husband's name. I have been fighting it off for a couple of days, now, as it keeps coming to the front of my mouth for some AWFUL reason, but last night it slipped out cos I was very tired!!

He took it beautifully, but I still felt dreadful about it!!
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sarah that awful!!! lol

at least he took it well and wasnt angry
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As long as it wasn't in an intimate setting, I'm sure the faux paux was ok. Especially if you were tired.
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Been there and done that before!

It's only natural things like that can slip out but at least he was understanding.
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Glad he was understanding, and I can totally understand why it can slip out sometimes *offers hugs*

Take care

Eva x
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Don't you just hate that! It's one of those moments that you wish you could just suck your words right back up! Glad to hear he took it well though, these things happen to everyone.
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OMG, you must have just wanted to quite literally bite your own tongue off!

Years ago when my sister & BIL were dating, he said my other sister's name at a very, very inopportune moment! We still laugh about it!

Yeah, nothing's sacred in my family!
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Happens to the best of us! Thank goodness Max is one of those wonderfully understanding guys
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He sounds like a great guy. That's a good test of your relationship!
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I've done that. it was when we were dating and I was upset and taking diet pills and drinking and needless to say not in my right mind and I called Brad my ex's name, He was upset but just told me the next day no fights about it, just a moment of horror in my life!!!!!!!
Needless to say, I call him hon now and I never called my ex that so I can't mess that up!!!!
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Haha. Yes, I usually call Max `darling' so I don't know how `Andy' slipped out!! Oh well...
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Oh, I have come so close to doing that too! I was with someone for over 4 years, but we haven't been together in almost that long. Occasionally his name still comes to the tip of my tongue. Can't explain why, but so far I haven't called DH that...yet.
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Although I have been living with David for 2.5 years, my ex-husband and I have remained great friends and see each other at work almost every day. When David gets on my nerves (very rarely) I have been known to switch his name to Paul. I haven't done it in a while and I hope to keep it that way...but stuff happens!
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