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By the way...THANKS!

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I just wanted to tell everyone (especially Anne) thanks for this site and these forums. I don't always get a chance to check in everyday, but you folks are simply great! We've gotten great help for our cat-kids and have conversed (via forums) with truly interesting people.

Thanks, again!

(Dad to Striker & Sassy)
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Hey Bill

I have a Striker too (we call him Gweeky). Is yours as much of a trouble maker as mine?
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Nah, he's a big Momma's boy. Of course, he was very much a kitten when we first got him, but now he seems to have assumed the role of "elder catsman" in the house. He gets into very little trouble anymore. He has developed a "fetish" of sorts for wanting to drink the water from our peace lily water-vase.

Recently, he's reverted to sleeping on top of my wife, which he hadn't done since the first couple of months we had him. Now, no matter how she lays, he just has to be on top, not next to. He's also very fond of giving her "kitty hugs" when she lies on her back. He lays on her chest and extends his front paws up around the sides of her neck. She loves all this, by the way. He'll cuddle with me, if she's not available. He soooo loving!

He's also a GREAT big brother for little Sassy.

Hope your Striker's not TOO troublesome.

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Awwww....how sweet your Striker sounds. My Kiki Kat is very lovey with me but has nothing to do with other people.

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My Striker is the youngest of 5. He like to keep track of all the other cats & walks in front of them whenever they want to eat or use the box. It's not that he wants to eat or use the box, he just doesn't want them too. He like to bite toes when we are in bed. He tries to get our Siamese fighting fish (Dragon is in a bowl on a shelf 6 feet up the wall). He sits on my head when I try to sleep. But he does like to snuggle. I wouldn't change him for anything in the world as he is a momma's boy!
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Bill, I may have missed your welcome thread, I don't seem to remember it, but forgive me, there are so many posts and threads to keep up with here, so if I did miss it, I am sorry, and I just want to take this opportunity to give you and your family and cats a big warm welcome...* HUGS*
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Bill, I'm glad you got the help you needed.

Thank you for joining! It's the members that make the community - not I... and I enjoy it as much as you guys!
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