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My cat will not eat

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My 8 yr old neutered male cat spent 4 days in the hospital last weekend because he had his entire urethra blocked by crystals from eating dog food (I had no idea this was possible)

I picked him up on Tuesday, and have been giving him clavamox twice a day as perscribed. He is also on a prescription diet of c/d. However, he hasn't eaten anything since the first day, when he ate very little. He won't even eat tuna or lunch meat.

Any suggestions? Is the clavamox making him loose his appetite? He is an outdoor cat, but has been inside since we brought him home and have been advised to not let him out until after the clavamox treatment is complete.
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Clavamox can cause digestive upset. You need your kitty to eat (which you probably already know). If he hasn't been eating anything since Tuesday? then to much time has already passed and you need to get aggressive in feeding him. If you have a feeding syringe use that, but make up a gruel of canned cat food and water, and feed him slowly.

Also please see this article, there are tips within to help you get your cat to eat-

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Also contact your vet and let him/her know what is going on, they may have some suggestions too.
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I agree with both the responses you've received, and just wanted to post to wish your cat well, and ask that you let us know what your vet says, how feeding your cat is going.
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Ditto!! Keep us updated and belly rubs to the sweet furry!
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I am so sad to hear of your problem and I do wish you all the best. Is he drinking at least? Is he dehydrated? Have you contacted your vet? That is such a long time not to eat!! Cats can very quickly have problems from not eating and drinking, I hope he is ok. I am sending all the good vibes I can muster and I hope to hear he is ok soon. Good luck and God bless!
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I am sure you know they can get liver damage very quickly if they don't eat. Good luck with him.
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I agree with the above recommendations. It's been too long since he's eaten a substantial amount of food, and that's dangerous. Please get him back in to the vet immediately.

Good luck - let us know how he's doing.
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