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Switching Litter Boxes

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Hi everyone - I'm pretty new here, my cat is Cosmo, she's about eight months old months old. I've had her for six of those months. It's very strange to call her "her" too, because until I got her spayed last week, she was a boy cat! Yes, the humane society told me she was a boy, and frankly I never checked. I hope I have not "gender" confused her calling her my "baby boy" all this time!

Anyway, what I wanted to ask you all was this ... when I first got her, I got a somewhat small litter box. Now that she's bigger (and those legs are getting so strong) she's kicking litter out of the small box and we're wasting a lot of it. Is it traumatic to the little gal to change to a bigger box now, one with a "lip" so that we'll avoid waste. Like I said, she's pretty strong, so I don't envision her having trouble getting in and out of a bigger and higher box. Any of your thoughts are appreciated!
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When I was little, we got an orange tabby and were told it was a girl. I named "her" Annie. When we took "her" to the vet, we found out that "she" was a he, so I changed his name to Andy. : )

As for the litterbox, mine hardly notice when I replace their old smelly box with a new one. They sniff it a bit and then use it like normal. If you are concerned, you might try putting the new box in the spot the old box is in, and moving the old box somewhere else so it's still accessible. That way if she rejects the new box, there won't be any accidents. Also, you might start out the new box without the lip (assuming you're talking about the thing I think you're talking about, they're removable) and then add it when she gets more comfortable with the new box. The most important thing, though, would be to used the same kind of litter so that the new box smells like whatever she's used to.
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It's not a big deal, IMO. Nano liked it when I traded in her "starter/temporary" litter box for a more deluxe model that was deeper and had a nice roof. I barely had time to react -- five minutes after I set up the new box, she hopped right in and "broke ground" (so to speak).
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I've changed litterboxes and litter a couple of times, and my boys have never had a problem!
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when i bring home new ones my kids can't WAIT to get in them and kick litter out
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My girl Smokie is the same age as your Cosmo! Anyway, I switched her from her tiny litterbox awhile ago because she was also kicking litter everywhere! Her "new" box has a roof and everything. When I switched her, I switched her cold turkey with no problems. I just put the new box where the old one was and she didn't have any problems. Now, I'm thinking that one is also too small (she's growing so fast!), and it might be time for a larger box.
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