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Does anyone else's cat fetch?!

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I did know a cat that did this once with straws and other items.

But just realized that my boy, Lovey, loves to fetch his favourite ball.
Its one of those bouncy balls and I am worried about him choking?

But he will bring it to you, wait for you to throw it and then gingerly pick it up in his teeth and trot back to you with it, starting the whole process again.

He can do this forever!!

Anyone else?

He won't fetch anything else at this point but loves to fetch this ball.
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My kitten Cosmo will fetch! He likes those mylar balls, and every once in a while he'll bring it to me while I'm lying on the couch watching TV or reading. When I throw it back on the floor, he'll jump down and bring it back to me. It's the cutest darned thing I've ever seen.

Sometimes, I'll wake up with the mylar balls (and some of his fishing pole toys) in my bed with me! (Maybe he thinks I'll wake up and play with him!)
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Sakura fetches.

When she first started to do this, she would have the weirdest look on her face. Her ears would go back and her eyes would be all spazy. It was like she couldnt understand why she was doing it. Almost like she was trying to fight off the urge to do it.

For a long time she would only fetch this little green mouse that the adoption center gave us with her. Then she started bringing back little balls of paper (loves receipts) and now she only fetches a little fluffy ball that she has.
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Kandie did at 16 she watches Zoey now
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I would be careful to supervise him with the bouncy ball if you are worried about him choking. You might also try some of the furry balls or either kitty toys from the pet store to see if he likes fetching those too.
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My little queen Lexus fetches - her fetch toy of choice is one of those little stick-on type of gift bows. The color isn't specific so long as it is of a sufficient weight to really toss it a good long chase away. *grin* I wake up with bows in my bed, I find them in my shoes, I even pulled one out of my handbag at the grocery store checkout line once. Lexus lives to fetch.

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Nano and I play a similiar game with q-tips. I will toss one to her and she will play with it (light kicks, scoop it up and swat in mid-air, pounces, etc.) for a while before carrying it over and setting it at my feet. This game can go on for an hour at a time.
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Monte loves to fetch too! His favorite is straws and pom pom's!
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Originally Posted by Luvmysphynx
Monte loves to fetch too! His favorite is straws and pom pom's!
I just have to say ... Monte is gorgeous.
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My Ginger likes to play fetch with her mice. When she wants to play she will bring it over to me and lay it down so I can throw it. She loves to fetch at least once a day.
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The game you have described is NOT "fetch." It is called "toss." The difference is that, in "fetch," the human will be the first to throw something for another creature (most usually a dog) to bring back. In "toss," a superior creature will bring us an object so that we throw for them to chase around.

The difference is rooted on who is really in control for each game.
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Yep my boys love to play and get annoyed with me when after an hour I give up throwing the object!!!!
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Oh I get it

Lovey also seems to be in control of my memory.
Yesterday after "toss", I went to the kitchen and he started acting like he does when he knows its supper...
I thought "O my god, I forgot to feed you dinner!" It was 9 pm.

I lavished him with sorries, and kisses and promptly fed him.

Boyfriend comes out of the bathroom and asks why I was feeding him again.
I told him scenario and he says "he sure has you trained".

Lovey just jumped up and typed the above while attempting to thwart me from warning other humans about this well thought out plan.

(I am serious)
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