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Cat's Strange Behavior

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I have a fixed 2 year old female cat. I've had her since she was about 5 weeks old. She was rescued from a dog about to kill her. When she was little, she was the most lovable little kitten. As she got older, she became aloof with everyone. She doesn't like to be pet or held (here is the strange part) unless she is in the bathroom with you. Once she goes in there, you can follow her in and love her up. Pet her, hold her, and she purrs like crazy. Anyone have any clue why she is like this? I've had cats all my life but never any like her.

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I'm an amateur, but here is my guess...

Perhaps it is a holdover of some favorable interaction she used to have with her mother.
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Pretty typical behavior of all my cats. So I don't see anything to worry about. Bathrooms are generally small areas with lots of spaces to climb on. You are sometimes occupied in there closer to the ground than you would in other areas of your home. There is running water in there, different smells and most cats are quite at home in a bathroom. My friend Doris even has a cat door, in her bathroom door! LOL She has a multi cat household and always has what she refers to as commode company!
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But yes, I agree that cats love bathrooms.
My boy has to come and check on me (the door can never be closed again!)
I even still get startled when in the shower and I see the door open through the curtain and nobody coming in!
Until I look down, that is..
He will rub against my legs and purr as I go about my business and then wait for me outside guarding the door

I find that some female cats (or maybe males too but have only noticed it with females) are just naturally aloof...My mum had a cat like this..She would just come to you rarely and on her own terms...I always thought her name should be "Princess" because that is what she always looked like.
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Spot almost always follows me into the bathroom. I think it's because you're a captive audience in there. There's no where else to go, so you have to pay attention to the furry thing at your feet (or on your lap). Also, if you are closing the door once she goes in the bathroom, she may feel more secure in there. No one is going to jump out and get her. Just a thought.
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My bathroom door does not latch so it is always fun to explain to company that no one in our house goes to the bathroom alone, one of the cats will be right in.
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My two love the bathroom! they play in the sink and tub and I never go alone I always have company 80% of the time all 3 of us are in there! My girl is the same way she will rub against you but if you got to pet her or pick her up she moves away but in the john she is all over me. funny creatures our silly furrys are!
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I have a skittish female cat who does the same thing. The only time she allows me to have her in my lap is when I am in the recliner. No other time. The only place she likes to be petted is on the couter where the kitty treats are.
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My little boy Garfield loves the bathroom. I can never leave the door shut when I im in there because Garfield will start scratching and meowing to get in. Then he will climb onto the hamper and wait to be petted. He follows me around almost everywhere. (Which is cool I like it) He loves to sleep with me and he will try to lay on the keyboard when I am typing. I do give him alot of attention ( my mom says I spoil him to much) but I guess he wants more. He is a 1 yr. old inside cat... and he has been outside 2 times for probably like 5 minutes each. I take him out there to roam around and get fresh air. He gets a bath once every 3-4 months and he gets brushed everyday. But one unusaul thing he is doing is biting his feet. They get dry and so I put a tiny bit of lotion on them, but I can hear him biting his claws too. Does this mean they are too long? I clip them every 1-2 months.. I know I don't make them too short.. Atleast I don't think so.. They never have bled. He is also Nueterd. I think he also might be a little dehydrated.. because he won't drink like hour old water.. it has to be fresh fresh.. And i'm not always there to make it be fresh fresh.... soo if someone could help that would be great.. Thanks,
Love Rachael & Garfield
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Hmm...I read the question differently. I thought she was asking why her cat would go into the bathroom and then want the humans to follow her and spend time petting her in there.

If the poster was asking if generally cats like following humans into the bathroom, then yes...there was a thread about it and dozens of cat owners said it was common. 33-50% of the purring I ever hear from Nano comes when she is visiting me in the bathroom.
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