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I'm posting this on behalf of my sister who has two beautiful Persian neutered males. They are about five years old. They are well loved, looked after and groomed and bathed frequently. She is concerned that one of them is getting a bit big and would appreciate it if someone could give a guideline as to what a healthy weight of a male Persian should fall between.

Her cats were litter mates, and one of them was born quite a lot smaller, and has remained so. The other is a big cat, I'll find out his height, etc if necessary. He is the one who she thinks might be getting a bit overweight and she is anxious to check this before he becomes unhealthily so. They are allowed outside occasionally, when she goes out in the garden with them but, show little interest in being out and usually wander in again quite quickly, so they don't seem to get much exercise.

He has such a beautiful, thick coat that it's really difficult to tell whether he's fat, or it's fur, but she seems to think that his tummy is getting bigger. They are free fed mostly dry food, as she's out all day at work, she has always had a problem with getting them to eat wet, but does try and make them eat a wet meal a day, or every 2 days. Thanks.