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A VERY Powerful WTC Slide Show

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Long to load but worth the wait

WTC Tribute
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Thank You Hissy...

You are right that it took awhile to load but it was well worth the wait.

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all I can say is, WOW
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Mary Anne,

That was a very powerful show. Loved it so much I added it to my favorites.

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Here is his response

This is an autoresponse due to the volume of e-mail I am receiving on the America Attacked 9 1 1 page that I created located at http://attacked911.tripod.com and www.politicsandprotest.org (formerly at www.powforum.org/wtc).

Due to the tremendous demand that this page has created, the bandwidth has gone through the roof. As I understand it, the normal traffic for my entire Internet Provider is 10bps per month. This page is drawing 45 bps per day and I had to move them again. I am going to start listing mirror sites on the www.powforum.org/wtc site so that in the event I go down again, the page can still be viewed. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

This has been a work-in-progress and began the day after the attack at the World Trade Center and Pentagon. I survived the attack itself by being late to work that day, but I lost many people who were not so lucky. I created the page to honor those I lost, those that America had lost and all of those dedicated, caring human beings who responded to this wanton cowardly act and who we refer to simply as heroes. To help sustain our nation resolve while we respond to this horrific attack. Images of that day are burnt into my soul that I will never forget. Images that no one should ever see. My soul aches.

Remember those 8,000 children who were evacuated from schools in the shadows of the 5 buildings of the World Trade Center that came down. Remember too that some of those children went home to be comforted by parents to learn that one or both of them had perished in that attack. There are over 10,000 children in NYC and another 125 in the Pentagon and hijacked flights that lost one or both parents.

Many people have mirrored the site and it is hard to keep track of all the mirrors. Mirror locations can be found on www.powforum.org/wtc

For those of you that want a copy of the file, follow these instructions:

Go to http://attacked911.tripod.com and let the file play through one time. Or go to your favorite mirror site and let it play through one time. While your browser is still open, do a file find or file search for attack.swf or index.swf (depending on the mirror). It's approximately 7 megs. When you find it, copy it to another folder. Don't move it because then you will have to wait for it to reload. Once you've copied it to another folder you can burn it to a CD. Be aware that in order to play it you will either have to have flash or open it in your internet browser.

Please don't e-mail me about trying to understand the folks that did this. I have no interest in understanding them. I want them dead. Don't e-mail me about innocent people being accidently killed in a warzone. I am uninterested in their plight and if that sounds cold, go review my website again. None of THOSE people were at war on 11 September and they are not casualties of war. They were murdered. I don't want their murderers treated as war criminals; I want them treated as they are--subhuman criminals who committed crimes against humanity. I don't want to hug them, analyze them or anything other than annihilate them. Wipe them off the face of the earth. As for those who had 3-1/2 weeks to rise up against their government, the cold reality is that sometimes in war innocents die. The Taliban decided to side with terrorism and now they will share in their fate. Their people that did not rise up, like the Northern Alliance has, must live or die with their decision to not act. I want to note that it is not the US military that is moving the targets into residential areas; the Afghani government is doing that. If you have a problem with that statement, that is your problem, don't make it mine.

For those that blame us and our policies for what happened, my father used to tell me to take responsibility for your own actions or your life won't work. I don't care whether they agree with US policy or not. We did not force them to hijack US commercial jetliners and crash them into our buildings killing thousands of our countrymen. I don't always agree with our leaders, but I am not going around hijacking planes and killing my fellow Americans. And for those of you who believe that we should use this as an opportunity to stop the cycle of violence, I agree with you 100%. I just disagree with how to accomplish the cessation of violence. I believe that we should respond overwhelmingly to make anyone wonder why they attacked us like this in the first place which will ensure they will never attempt to do so again in the future. I am not politically correct. You kill one of us, we should kill a hundred of you. It is amazing what a motivator to cease violence that will be. I'm not seeking your approval. Do your own flash presentation.

Finally, for those of you who disapprove of penthouse.com for hosting politicsandprotest.org, I applaud them. They stepped up to the plate when Fedex said thanks but no thanks and MetLife still has not responded to the request to host this page for all to view. I am indebted to and gratified that a NY company like penthouse.com has hosted the site. I am equally gratified for all the mirror locations and thank each of you.

Our nation was attacked on 11 September 2001 and over 5,000 of our countrymen were killed. A hundred or so from other nations were killed. If we do not respond with overwhelming military force, the message we send is that it is OK to murder thousands of our countrymen and we do not have the resolve to see justice through. We become what they called us on Sunday, 17 September 2001. Cowards. I don't know about you, but I'm no coward.

In a free society comes responsibility. To defend freedom. Make your choice and remember that you have to live with the choices that you make. My city may be hurt and may be bleeding, but we will overcome this cowardly act. We will never forget it, but we will overcome it. We will not yield to terrorism.

God bless America and keep her FREE.


Steve Golding,
New York City

Steve Golding
See what they did to us 11 September

Executive Director, PoW/MIA Forum

They belong Walking On or Planted In
AMERICAN SOIL--nothing less!!

Join Operation: Just Cause

Though we are not now that strength
Which in the old days
Moved Earth and Heaven
That which we are, we are...

One equal temper of heroic hearts
Made weak by time and fate...
But, strong in will,
To Strive, To Seek, To Find.

And not to yield!
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I saw that particular trbute a while ago, and was very moved by it. Its very interesting to hear from the guy who created it, and his motivations for it. I agree that America has to send a message that they will not stand aside and tolerate this kind of mindless violence. Those responsible for the attack apparently need to learn the hard way. I'd love to see an end to violence and war, as would we all. However, they decided to do this cowardly act and will have to pay for it with the blood of their own countrymen.
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Thanks Hissy. I hadn't seen that. It was very touching.
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Wow! Gave me tingles just watching it!
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I have seen some pretty moving slide memorials, but this one is,by far, the one that touched me the most. Thank you for sharing it, and for sharing the message from the creator.
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