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Does anyone know how to keep raccoons away? Now that the weather is nice here the raccoons are out in full force. Right now just the young adults are out and about so they're not as mean but when the moms start bringing their babies it gets scary because they are VERY MEAN. It's not unusual to see groups of 4 to 6 every night. They're really cute but I still don't want them around.

I don't leave food out here but all our neighbors have animals so they can often find an easy meal. It's OK if they just eat the food that out but they are going after the neighbors chickens for the eggs and even killing the chickens. The chickens are locked in their coup at night but they still manage to get to them. They've even went in one of the neighbors house through the doggy door. I've had them break open a cabinet that was at least 5 feet off the ground to get to my feral cats food. I have no idea how they did it because nothing was around they could get up on to open the cabinet door and the food was in sealed in air-tight containers on the top shelf.

The last 3 or 4 nights I've had to go out and scare them off because I was afraid they were going to hurt my new feral cats. One of my cats (Patsy) tried to attack one through my security screen door last night. It was actually funny once I knew she was safe. This 30-40lb raccoon was afraid of a 12lb cat.

Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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There is some coyote scent in a can you can buy at sporting goods store that will keep them away BUT the smell is liable to put your cats into a major panic, so I wouldn't advise it.
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