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Excessive Washing

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My cat, Thumper, washes herself way too much. I've had cats all my life (can't even count them all), and I've never had one to take washing to this level. Take tonight, for example, she came in to go to bed for the night, and washed herself for 45 minutes straight before she finally went to sleep without stopping at all - and that is nothing. She can go A LOT longer. And if someone touches her (and I mean even one finger) she will completely wash herself all over again. It's almost like she's got OCD or something. She washes to the point where her fur starts getting really stiff. It's great to want to be clean, but this is ridiculous. What can I do to make her slack up on the washing? Does anyone else have this problem? None of my other cats wash nowhere near as much as she does. Need advice!

(And, btw, she'll go outside and roll around in the dirt - she wants to be clean, but she loves to get dirty ).
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My outdoor/indoor cats spend almost an hour of "washing". I think all they do is sleep, eat, use the litterbox and wash. Exercise is but a twelfth of their daily activities . I think it's normal.
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Yes animals can have OCD, I found this website you may want to check out.
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Thanks for the web site. That's really interesting. Maybe she could have a little OCD. She's also very tempramental. I think my cat needs a kitty psychologist.
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Sturgis is a major suckler of earlobes, we think he has a touch of OCD too, but his ADD (jk) far overshadows it.
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