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Ear problems?

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It would seem Paige is having some issues with one of her ears. the amount of exploration she would allow (and that as an untrained person can figure) shows a scratch on the little part of her ear that's close to her face, and a teensy bit of wax that I cleaned wth a cotton ball (there wasn't much there) I cleaned the ear and put some sporin on it, but she keeps washing that ear, and shaking her head, and also scratching it. i did smell in her ear, and it didn't have a smell like an ear infection would, and also, the earis warm (no doubt from her futzing with it) the cut, she probably got when she and Gibby were playing (they rabbit kick eachother in the head rather often) and i'm almost certain is the caus of the issue...

so I guess.. Did I do everything right? is it something I should be seriously concerned about? When should I know it's a serious problem?
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Head shaking, ear scratching... ear mites?
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I would suspect either ear mites or an ear infection. She could have scratched her ear herself while she was out after those pesky ear mites. Sometimes the mites burrow so deep it is hard to see evidence they are there- dried blood.
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I would say the same, either the start of an ear infaction or ear mites. From experience when my cat had an ear infection that was the first sign, the head shaking and scratching even before you could see or smell anything.
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Alright.. will look.. i've seen nothing out of the ordinary, but you guys are right, better safe than sorry. We'll have her checked out in none too long thanks!
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Is probably ear mites. Consult your vet
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one of mine has similar symptoms, was a yeast infection. They went in and cleaned out the ear and then i had drops to squirt in them everyday for a couple weeks
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If you're not seeing any evidence, it could be something wrong with the inner ear. Merlin had a torn eardrum that was bothering him, and it was just luck that the vet caught it when I brought him in to set up a teeth cleaning. Usually - not always! - ear mites and yeast infections discolor the wax that is in the ear. If you have more than one cat, and they groom each other, it can be really hard to spot. You really should set up a vet appointment to have the ear checked.
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My first thought was ear mites, too. I would take her to the vet, just to get it checked out, because ear mites are REALLY annoying to cats!!!
When you looked in her ear, or swab it with a Q-Tip, is there a lot of "gunk" in it? If yes, is it dark and, well, gross? That is a sure sign of ear mites. Either way, I would suggest taking her to the vet.
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