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Cleo's Lily Belle "pic"  

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Cleo, you're right! No Christmas tree for you! :laughing2 :laughing2
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I walked into the living room the other day to find Lily hanging from this plant! I ran for the camera, and when I got back she had just managed to get her feet back on the chair!
All that was missing was a Tarzan yell!

I may have to hang my Christmas tree AND nail it to the floor!
(do they make sponge rubber ornaments?) :LOL:
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All I can say is great shot! :laughing2: PRICELESS! :laughing2

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Sign that little girl up for the circus! That is a great photo! Thanks Cat for posting it.
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Hey!!! How the?!!! I tried to post that pic but it said it was too big?!!!! Oh well!! Glad you got it up Cleo!! What a cutie Lillybelle is!! (even if shes a little nuts!! ha ha ah)
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Cleo - it looks like she is reaching for the top of the world! - and got it!!!
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:laughing2 :laughing2 How cute!! :laughing2 :laughing2

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Hi you guys

If you want to post a pic and you get a message stating the picture was too big, it's 'cause your uploading it from your computer. Most pics will come out so much brighter if you mirror them from a website. If you don't know how to do this, Anne has specific instructions on the Thread "Posting Pictures". If you need any help, I'll be glad to help you... :

Walla! Look at this thing! :laughing2
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You see the difference in how clear the pic is and the size...well, that speaks for itself...have fun you guys Like I said, if you get stuck; I'll be happy to help ya.

Love & Peace,
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That pic took forever to load...and it was HUGE! :LOL:

I wonder if I could post pics that way, not big, but from a site, with my pc all goofed up?

The way it sits right now, the ONLY way I can do anything pic related, is from my Juno e-mail...even Excite has taken away my Browse button

Anyway, thanks for the comments on Lily...she's quite a handful at times...never a dull moment!
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Oh my gosh, she reminds me of one of those Stretch Armstrong toys!
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Yeah, she's only 7 1/2 months old, and already a lot bigger than my 3 year old Cagney...I'm actually geting a bit scared...she still hasnt grown into her ears, paws, and tail! :laughing2:
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HA!! As a major houseplant lover, ( I have over 20 different houseplants) and a major cat lover, Cleo, I can totally sympathize!
And isn't Catarina just the best to post these pics for us?? ( she posted mine also)

My worst problem was teaching merlin that the dirt in the pots, was NOT the same as pooping in the litterpan... :LOL: He seemed to think if he could dig in it, and shuffle it around, well heck, it must be okay to poop in!!! :laughing:
Granted the fertilizing effects might have been miraculous, but the smell was horrible...:LOL: :laughing:

And he used to tear into the plants that were near his level, and think they were fun to play with, it took quite awhile, and a bit of discipline to make him realize they are not toys... But now he doesn't touch them, he doesn't even notice them.
Cats are smart, and if you tell them NO and say it very loudly and sternly, and maybe give them a little swat on the head, ( nothing that would actually hurt them) they will know not to mess with them.
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