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To my beloved monkey

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I call you Monkey because thats what you were, a tuxedo cat with the most beautiful green eyes I'd ever seen. As a kitten you were into everything climbing on everything afraid of absolutly nothing,this is how you got your name.I found you at a shelter in South Carolina because Kaya was destrought after Guiness got hit by a car,little did I know that this would be your fate too.You,Kaya,and I were inseperatable.We were together for five years, and in that time we moved around alot but you always adjusted quickley, you were happy just to be with me.We moved back in with my parents for a little while where you became best friends with her dog cookie.You got that poor dog in so much trouble by knocking something off the counter that you knew she would get caught with in her mouth,meanwhile you would be watching from around the corner,I always knew you were laughing inside.We moved again this time for good,you became very persceptive always knowing when I was sick or sad ...You never left my lap.When Shadow came along he had been a sickley kitten, you took him in like a mother, showing him the ropes groming him and even let him steal your treats.When we got Picasso you did the same for him.You always waited in the window for me, somehow you always knew when I would be home.You laid with me every night while I took a bath.You were always my favorite,and you knew it. When I got the call I was told you had broken the screen to the back door and were outside,I rushed right home.I wandered for at least and hour calling your name before I had to go back to work.I had a sick feeling in my stomach knowing you may not come back.When I came home that night I just knew. And there you were,not even six inches from the back yard.You must've been trying to get home to greet me.Your internal clock was always programed.I buried you with the ball you used to fetch.Kaya knew almost instantly you were gone.I still wonder why you hadnt made It those six inches into our yard,I still think God took the wrong cat.Next month will be the one year anniversay of your death and I am still distraught.I miss you more than you'll ever know and I can't wait to see you on the other side where I know you are watching over us and keeping us safe.I love you munk-a-dunk! Love,Mommy
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what a beautiful beautiful tribute to Monkey - and what a wonderful cat Monkey sounds like - thankyou for sharing this with us.

I am so sorry that it was time for Monkey to cross the bridge - we never know why they are taken from us but as you said Monkey is watching over you until you meet and until then she is running around chasing all the butterflies waiting for the say when her eyes see you again

RIP sweet angel Monkey
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i understand your pain its been 3yrs since i have lost my aj. it helps knowing they are in heaven watching and waiting. my heart goes out to you.
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brought tears to my eyes RIP sweet monkey and hugs to your mommy!

(just noticed Marlton I grew up there! small world)
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Your tribute brought tears to my eyes. How lucky Monkey was to be so loved by his mommy. My thoughts are with you.

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What a very special relationship you had with Monkey. It's never easy to understand why these things happen - but at least you were privileged to enjoy such special times
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What a wonderful tribute to Monkey.
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Yes, what a lovely tribute! I am praying for you, that God will comfort you.
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I am crying as I read your loving tribute to your precious Monkey. I am so sorry for your loss. He will be waiting to be reunited with you someday at the bridge. I know how hard it is, my heart goes out to you for your loss. Hugs
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RIP sweet Monkey your mommie still loving you...
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Thank You eveyone for your kind words, for the last year no one but my boyfriend knew what I going through, he was at home when our Monkey got outside and still feels responsible for what happened, although he isnt. Its nice to know that other people love their babies as much as we do.
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