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Tippy and Lily are playing

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This is so cute - it's better than TV.

Lily is a planner - the world just happens to Tippy; but they are getting on really well.

So Lily crawls under a carrier bag on the floor - she loves to play with them. All you can see is her rear end and tail swishing out of the back of this carrier bag.

She creeps along the floor....really low....and really slowly.... spying out of the front of the bag at Tippy who she's closing in on.

Tippy is sitting looking at this carrier bag with absolute amazement as it moves across the floor.

The bag gets within 6 inches of Tippy....then all of a sudden....BOO!!!! Lily leaps out and scares the life out of her sister.

Now they're playing around the edge of a cardboard box!
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That sounds sooo cute!!! I love watching my boys play too. They are better than TV!!!
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That sort of thing happens a lot around here too! I love it!
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awwwwwwwww, that is too funny! sounds like Lily is having a grand time with her siblings.
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I'd love to see a video of that. I'd love to see Lily as much as possible. She's so asorable.
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I love how you described Lily as a 'planner' and Tippy as 'one whom the world happens to'!
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What fun, Beth!You've painted such a wonderful picture, I can just see them now! I'm so happy Lily and Tippy are having such fun!
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Awwwww thats so sweet!.

I have a guest bed in the computer room and Rosie hides underneath it while Sophies on the top trying to figure out where shes going to come out from, but then Rosie will quietly pop her head up from behind her than whack her tail with her paw
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Yes Hope a video would have been great. Especially to catch the look on Tippy's face. She would look at this slow moving carrier bag - then look at me as if to say "Help mom, there's a bag moving across the floor". Even though Lily's back end was sticking out the other side, she still couldn't figure it out bless her

Susan - Lily likes to play the game that Rosie does - but round the cardboard box. She'll set Tippy off looking one way by popping her head round the side of the box, then, when she's got her attention - she'll creep off round the back of Tippy and swat her across the butt. Poor Tippy - Lily knows she can't process all this information at once and takes advantage of it.

The interesting thing is though, that if any of the other cats did this to Tippy, even Felicity when she was a kitten, they would have been toast. But Tippy lets Lily climb all over her, swat her across the butt and chase her up the stairs and just joins in

I'm so happy she's found a kitty she can be friends with, before she was just terrified
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Aww thats so sweet, thanks for sharing. I can just imagen them doing that I bet its so cute to watch. I love watching my babies play and there favourites are plastic bags and boxes. I would say Molly our kitten is obsessed with plastic bags or plastic of any kinds and eviecat just loves her boxes.....so sweet isn;t it?!!!

I have some pictures of them playing in the box yesterday and also some of them in a big mixing bowl that was on the floor....so sweet!


*Both my cats are supervised whilst playing with boxes or plastic bags etc of any kind to keep them safe.
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glad they are all getting along! I do love watching what silly furrys do makes my day!
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