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Cedar needs to loose weight - I have tried over the last few months to do this however it doesnt seem to be working - thankfully he hasnt put on any weight but he doesnt seem to have lost any either.

We think he fills up on food outside during the day

My MIL suggested that we mix a few teaspoons of cooked rice in with his food... is this a good suggestion?
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Nope, rice will bind the food, but the not make him lose weight. You shouldn't put your cat on a diet without a vet's supervision.
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ACK - see I knew it wouldnt be a good thing to do!!

But she was adamant that it would be okay - I think that her vet told her to do it once.

Okay well I wont worry too much about his weight yet until we go for his annual checkup in April - I know what he will tell me - but I will wait until then and do it with his help.

Thanks MA
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If your vet agrees he should lose weight, and he rejects the "light" food, a few teaspoons of plain old boiled potatoes (mashed, without butter, milk or salt, etc.) would be better than rice.
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Rice is wonderful for the occasional loose stool,but it sounds like Cedar needs to be on an atkins diet...I know,I know!What I mean is look for food that contains less grains and more protien.The first ingredient should always be a protien( no by products ) ie;chicken,chicken meal etc. Alot of grocery store diet foods contain alot of carbohydrates.Try Wellness super 5 mix,innova,felidae,azmira,phd,presice or wysong, a few very good foods high in protiens and vitamins.Also make sure Cedar is getting plenty of wet food due to its high content of water. Good luck!
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my vet always recomends adding canned pumpkin to the diet to help reduce weight. I've not tried it however as I use weight care foods for my two cats
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