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Anybody seen any good movies lately?

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there are a ton of movies I want to see.

From Hell
13 Ghosts
Don't say a word
Monsters Inc
Shallow Hal (starts this week)
Domestic Disturbance

My boyfriend wants to see
The one

He's on vacation with me for the rest of the week, so we will probably see some movies this week.
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Monsters Inc. was awesome !!! We went to see it on Saturday with our kids. I don't think I've ever heard my hubby laugh that much at the theatre! And they say its a kids movie! I'm buying the DVD when it comes out I also want to see '13 Ghosts'. Hubby and I are going on a date to see it when its released. When is it due to come out??
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We haven't really seen much. The last major release we saw in theater was "Planet of the Apes", in which I was severely disappointed. Rented "Evil Dead II" over the weekend, a classic "B" horror movie that is a personal favorite, but my wife had never seen. She absolutely loved it! We want to take our son to "Monsters", so its great to see positive reviews. We were very disppointed in "Shrek." Also rented "Cats & Dogs" last week. Great family movie. Its a shame the cats had to be the "bad" guys, but...HEY...Cats DO Rule!

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Going to go see KPax on Monday, I think. It is our Remembrance Day here in Canada so as a fed I get the day off. ONLY 9 DAYS TO HARRY POTTER!
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My boyfriend and I went to the movie on monday (saw zoolander) and at that point Harry Potter was 11 days away from opening , tickets were already on sale, and there were already 2 time slot sell outs for opening day.

my prediction is by the opening weekend, it's going to be sold out almost all weekend long.
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We saw Monsters Inc. this weekend and it was great! Daughter pretty much loved it, but a few places were scary for her (she's 5). What amazed me was that the jokes didn't seem to be token jokes, if you know what I mean.

Like in Shrek, for example, there is a scene where they are trying to put out a fire and finally the donkey says "let me do it" and he, ahem, lifts his leg on it. I thought at the time, there is the joke for all the 10 year old boys in the audience. Or I've seen a few kids shows where they toss in a joke for the adults and you just know it's to keep the adults amused, not because it moves the story along.

But do you remember the old Cosby show? Bill Cosby told jokes that were funny for the whole family and the same things were funny but in different ways depending on your age. He didn't talk down to kids or pacify adults. Monsters was like that. They had a story to tell and the humor was part of it, not just pasted on later to reach a demographic.

I understand Disney has already considered rides for their theme parks related to the movie. I think the doors scene would be a good one.
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I've seen a couple on HBO. I think one was called Meet the Parents, were a man who is a nurse goes with his girlfriend to meet his parents. The dad is in love with a Himalayan cat named Mr. Jinx. It was funny but at the same time it made me cry. He was trying to impress his girlfriend's father in law. How everyone laughed at him.
The other one I saw was a western about a black man who is mute(He stars in Boyz in the Hood and in another were he is a diver. I think its called Men of Honor.). He goes on bank robberies with a wanted man. I think his name is Paul Hogan. Great movie. I love westerns. I loved Big Mama. I want to see Dr. Dolittle 1 and 2. I also want to see the Drew Barrymore's With the Boys.
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My sister went to see 13 Ghosts and she was disappointed with it. But of course I'll want to see it anyway
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I have to say I actually loved Shrek!! Though it could be because I thought it was going to be really crappy and didn't want to see it at all.....some friends made us watch it with them and I was thinking "oh god..let me go home" but I was pleasantly surprised!!! I thought it was really funny!!
Hmmm what else, ooo I rented out "The Hole" last night, it was weird, I kind of liked it but it was....well...wierd!! Once you get over the soooo corny acting its quite good,- but it wasn't what I thought it was going to be....I also watched "Along came a Spider" last night and that was pretty good too.....not brilliant...but good.... there seems to be a lack of really good films out at the moment, though there are a couple Im looking forward to seeing at the cinema..like "The Others" and "Joyride" and of course...."HARRY POTTER" yey!! I have to be honest and say the books never really appealed to me - but the film looks great!!
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Originally posted by nena10

The other one I saw was a western about a black man who is mute(He stars in Boyz in the Hood and in another were he is a diver. I think its called Men of Honor.). He goes on bank robberies with a wanted man. I think his name is Paul Hogan. Great movie. I love westerns.
Nena, the black actor that you are thinking of is Cuba Gooding Jr. He is also in the movie Rat Race (hilarious!). Paul Hogan is the Australian in the Crocidile Dundee.
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My husband and i went to "From Hell" during the weekend, i was worried it was going to be too scary, but it was very stylish, very well done, and i really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to "Lord of the Rings" too, mainly becuase it was filmed in my home country (New Zealand) but it does look like it is going to be very impressive.

Chee & Breeze
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I, too, am anxiously awaiting the Lord of the Rings series of movies. It does look quite impressive, and it seems was well thought out from a production standpoint. I've always been a fan of the books, but was disappointed in the "made for TV" Hobbit and Return (done by Rankin/Bass) and, as much as I've liked Ralph Bakshi's other animation, his take on LOTR was just okay.

Ahh, New Zealand...I've never been there and never realized I wanted to be there until about a year ago I made an e-mail acquaintance with a John Pennington on an Internet photo-host site. John is a NZ'er who spends most of his time traveling around his local region of NZ with a camera. Stunning stuff! Maybe someday...

Oh, yeah, movies...not much else on my movie wish list at the moment.

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Yeah, I'm waiting for Harry Potter and LOTR. I'm kind of interested in the next Star Wars too, but I was 13 when I saw the first one, so it's in my blood by now!

Something about LOTR reminds me of Excalibur. I don't know if it's production values or landscape or what.

Hubby wants to see Riding in Cars with Boys, but I'm not such a Drew fan. We're both hoping to see K-Pax one of these days, though I prefer to go to a matinee for that one. It looks good from the ads, but it kind of fell off the radar after being released, so maybe not as good as it seems.

Was Rat Race good? I love Rowan Atkinson and, oh, I can't remember all the cast now, but I remember that a lot of them were good. I think (being an adult here, not as a recommendation to young folk) that it would be good to see with a bunch of friends after tossing back a few beers. But that's just me . . .
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Rat Race was very funny. Rowan Atkinson, John Cleese, Cuba Gooding Jr, John Lozitz & Kathy Nejimi (from Sister Act) are some of the stars. John Cleese & Atkinson are seriously hilarious (I know it's an oxymoron).
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Have any of you see Dead Man's Walking with Sean Penn and Sarah ( I don't know her last name)? Sean is on death row for murdering a young couple and Sarah is a nun who visits with him and becomes his friend. That movie made me cry. I am such a crybaby. Nobody wants to take me to the movies because I cry. I want to see Sensivitiy. The other day an old movie, Poltergeist and Poltergeist 2 were on. I liked that movie.
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I haven't been to the movies lately. I am mostly a child-oriented person. I think I will take the kids to see Monsters or another movie.
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I bawl at movies - I even bawl for some commercial (especially some anti-drunk driving ones in Canada). My husband prefers going to the drive-in now so no one can see me cry. The disney movie "Yellow Dog, Adventures far from home" made me weep and weep and weep.
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My step daughter wanted to see "Legally Blonde" this weekend on video, so we rented it, I thought it looked cheesy, and didn't have much hopes for it...but it was great!!!! I really enjoyed it!
We also rented "Swordfish" with John Travolta, and it was also really good!
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saw Monsters Inc yesterday

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I seldom go to the theatre to see movies. I am too spoiled by being able to watch them at home on the couch with my sweetie and cats. We saw "Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?" and I laughed till I couldn't sit up. It's based on Homer's Odessy, but it is set in the rural South in the 1930s. It's complete with the oracle, sirens, and the Cyclops. It doesn't hurt that it stars George Clooney. We saw "The 6th Day" and "Joe Dirt", too, both very good.

"Life's a garden. Dig it." Joe Dirt :daisy: :daisy: :daisy: :daisy:
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Good movies, eh? Venue-wise, I've not been to the cinema itself in ages. I check out films on video-tape from the local library; and once in a great while I'll rent a film that's not yet reached the library system (such as Dancer in the Dark).

I just finished viewing a film titled The Night Heaven Fell, directed by Roger Vadim and produced in 1958. The actors included Brigitte Bardot and Stephen Boyd. It was a very dramatic film, wherein Bardot falls in love with Boyd. He's not an exemplary citizen, so she's destined to experience a lot of trauma.

Many of you no doubt know Bardot has been an avid supporter of animal rights all her life; and in this film there's a telling scene: Whilst holed up in a rocky fastness to avoid detection by police, Boyd decides to kill a little pig (which has been accompanying them) for food. Well, Bardot will have none of that; and she procedes to fight Boyd, becoming injured in the process but nevertheless dissuading Boyd from harming the pig. In defense of the pig she cries, "He is our little friend and I love him!"

Well, in the European cinematic tradition of that era, a main character has to die at the end; and in this case it's Bardot, accidentally shot by police aiming at Boyd. It's a good film with lots of passion from Bardot, who was a better actor than film critics were willing to admit!

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KrazyKat!! I saw that "O Brother where art thou" too and LMAO!! (Maybe its just my weird sense of humour...who knows!!) Debby I also like Swordfishand that reminded me of that film called "Shooting Fish" - anyone seen it?! I thought it was great!! I went to see the new Jet Lee film over here last night called "Kiss the Dragon" - it was pretty good once you got past the "nasty dancing prostitute" bit withing the first ten minutes!! WHY O WHY do they always do that?!!! Does it really need a semi naked woman in the firt ten mins...I think not....sigh.... (sorry but that really gets my goat!! arrggghhh!!)
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Anybody seen My Dog Skip? That made me cry really bad. It is on HBO or in video. The funny thing was that my children were watching it with me and I was crying. My four year old daugher looked at me and asked me why I was crying. Since she wouldn't understand, I told her that my eyes are very dry.

I also saw the movie with Mel Gibson. I think its called the Patriot were he goes with his son to fight an American War.
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Ooooo I LOVED the Patriot!!! Of course the films bound to be good with MEL GIBSON in it!! Plus his son... (I forget his real name at the moment...)is just soooo yummy too!!! mmm mmm drool drool.....
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Heath Ledger
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Aha!!! thats the one!! Thanks AP..... mmmm Heath Ledger..mmmm
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Bodlover, I also think Heath Ledger is absolutely yummy, although he is much younger than me!
That's one guy that my 16 year old step-daughter and I both drool over! :laughing:
I also liked him in "10 things I hate about you" (with Julia Stiles, who I also like) and he was just in a movie called, "A Knights Tale" that I highly recommend. It is out on video now, and I LOVED it!!! (doesn't hurt that he is the star of the movie... :LOL: )
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Can't remember what he looks like offhand, but is that his real name? "Heath Ledger" sounds like a stage name to me, maybe to avoid being shadowed by his daddy's fame?
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Sunlion Im pretty sure thats his real name....but I could be wrong!!
Debby I have seen both those films you mentioned!! I loved them!!!! "10 things I hate about you" was just brilliant, I could watch it 1000000000000 times!!! I love the girl in it to - shes also in a film called "Save the last dance" which is fantastic!! Oooo I loved a Knights tale too....phwaaarrrrr!! ha ha ha ha ha ha....
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Bodlover...Save the Last dance was great wasn't it? I really enjoyed it!!!

And yes, his name really is Heath Ledger.

Bodlover.....didn't you just LOVE "A knights Tale"? I thought it was so cool how even though it was set back in the 'old' days, they played the modern music with it!!!!!!!! It was ssooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!

And Heath is just scrumptious!!!!!!!!!! :tounge2:

*don't they have a similie for 'tounge hanging on floor'?????*
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