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Sending and vibes, Eva. What a lousy situation! You have every right to be upset. The consolation in it all -- and it's a big one, I should think -- is that you clearly have D's wholehearted support. That's an anchor for the present and the future; let your parents be in your past. It's a bummer that it may mean less contact with your sister, but however important that is -- and it is! -- remember that you cannot be the support to her that you want to be, if you allow yourself to be run into the ground. Take care of YOU first. And please be gentle with yourself.

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Eva, what a tough situation! Your instincts are right, however. You must take care of yourself. Even those who were abused somehow still seek the approval of their parents. Sometimes that is not possible, as hard as that is to accept.

You've done so well so far...you got out! But your mind and your body are telling you something now. Heed that advice. It sounds like you have a wonderful fiance, and you have your inner strength. Let that heal your mind, body, and spirit. It sounds like your family uses your love for your sister as a weapon and a link to you, and that's what keeps you from breaking all ties. I wish I had good advice for you there, but I don't. All I know is that in by trying to smooth things over with them, you are causing yourself great harm. Take some time to gain your strength and your health. Wrap yourself in your fiance's love (and the love of your kitties!). Let that work some magic for awhile.

Take care of you! We're all here for you!
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I am so sorry Eva, and I truly wish that there was more that I could say to help you to feel better. I am very glad that you have D's support through all of this trouble. You will be in my warmest thoughts and I hope things improve for you very soon. Peace.
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God gives us two legs for a reason. So we can walk away.
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I too "escaped" when I was 17. I lived in my car a bit - with two cats it was warm and toasty. It is hard to walk away, and I commend you for sticking around for your sisters sake and hopefully you can contiue some sort of interaction. I am not saying that I think you need to cut off comminucations with your parents, but you might have to for your own sanity - but only you can make that choice.

I think eloping is a wonderful idea! The two most important people are there - you and him!

If you want to talk more, just PM me.

Tracey *HUGS*
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