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Kitty Experiment

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The problem is, how do you get the tape off the cats fur without hurting it?
What some people do for entertainment.......
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awww poor kitty That really is awful, I wish people wouldn't do that. I hate it when people do that kind of stuff for entertainment. I wish I could go and rescue the kitty cause that isn't fair...if only there was some way of reporting it.

Myself I don't think its funny at all, and I just saw a very un happy kitty....

Thanks for sharing, I just wish there was something we could do.

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Thats down right cruel!!
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Aw poor kitty. Okay, seriously I feel bad for the cat (who is so pretty) but I wonder, is that real? I would never try this on any of my cats but I wonder if that works and why it works, you know?

Anyway, back to being mad at the mean cat owner.. grrr.
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It looks like they were using packing tape which is what we use at work and it sticks really firm if it is!!
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After seeing that, I'd like to wrap packing tape around their heads, and other parts of their anatomy, and then pull it off.
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but you cant rip packing tape with your hands like that.
when we first moved here teufel layed on packing tape and he ran around like crazy but once i got him i pulled it off, it actually doesnt pull off any hair
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there are actually some really horrible fake stuff around with cats/kittys involved but by the looks of that I think that is actually very real *grrr*

The worst i heard was this internet site that was about keeping your kittys small and paying to get them in a small glass bottle and you kept them in there for months on end and din't feed them much....I irst heard of it through a forward email and it was awful...and the website was really awfukl too. Then found out luckly that it was all fake and that email was orginally sent by them to get people to look at there web site and make us made... I think the fake stuff was called bonzeye kittens or something... can't rememeber *bangs head*

There are siome very horrible ppl around that like to use inocent kittys....

Eva x
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Words fail me - I can't believe people actually think it's funny
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Eva- bonsai kitty is a big hoax. This however doesn't look like a hoax at all. Poor kitty- I would like to rip those guy's heads open to see what they use for brains.
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That looks like a raw snippet from Hey! Spring of Trivia! (which they show dubbed on Spike TV).

Maybe I'm just mean, but I couldn't help laughing. I don't think the cat was being hurt. Sure, he was uncomfortable and probably was embarrassed, but being treated cruelly? Eh... I dunno.

BTW, I don't think any hair was pulled off, because if you watch they kept moving the piece of tape around, and there was certainly no bald spots.
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Well if you thought the cat looked uncomfortable is that not bad enough?!.

I have a sense of humour but doing things like that to animals doesn't raise a grin on my face i'm afraid.
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