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CopyCat Cutie

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Anyone else have kitties who mimic their humans behaviour?

My lil' Rudy follows me into the bathroom everytime I go in there, as does Lily but Lily just stares at me or rubs against my legs like a "normal" cat.

Rudy follows me into the bathroom, and if I'm combing my hair, or brushing my teeth, he just watches. But if I sit on the toilet, he immediately hops into the litterbox and assumes the position!
Sometimes he's successful, but usually he just "fakes it", scratches around, and waits for me to leave so he can follow me out! :LOL:
He just cracks me up, once when he did this, I decided to test him, so I left the bathroom, then went right back in and sat down again...sure enough he jumped into the litterbox and went through the routine again! :

What a little goofball he is! He's almost 11 weeks old, and so tiny, only 1 lb. 4 oz's, but very healthy and active.
(can ya tell I get a little smooshy over him?)
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Cleo that is soooooo cute!!!! My cats just stare at me too when I go in the bathroom, apart from Bod who ALWAYS decides that its a good time to try and sit on my lap!!! ha ha ha
Oh, and Nothin' wrong with getting smoochey over 'em!!! People think Im crazy cos I talk to Bod like a person, I ask how his day was, cuddle him up...clean his paws...wipe his nose.....brush his teeth....comb him.....finger feed him.....blow raspberrys on his tummy ..... hey if he'd let me I'd have him in nappies!!!! ha ha ha ha....(Ok now I've just made myself look like a total physco!!!)
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That is great. A video of that - with you discretely of course - wuold win the prizes. Little Rudy sound like quite a ham. As for you 'psycho bodlover'...can I come along and ride on that train??? Of COURSE my children understand all the talking I do with them! And they answer me too!!!
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Jump aboard Debra!! :laughing:
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I can't believe nobody else has stories to tell about their kitties who imitate them...or any other silly behaviours!

C'mon guys...you know you wanna brag! :LOL:
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Nell often sits on the couch and watches TV with me. Her favorite show is "Breed All About It" on the Animal Planet channel. I can't believe she likes watching DOGS on TV--she pitches a giant fit if the neighbor's sheepdog crosses the street to our side. But there she sits, as entranced by DOGS as my husband is by the WWF.
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We have a video calle "feathers for felines". We got it at our local pet store. A guy filmed birds in his back yard. Blue Jays, crows, sparrows, humming birds, etc. We put a chair in front of the TV and our cats just love it (they are indoor cats) Excalibur tries to smack the tv to get the bird. When it flies out of the frame, he goes to the side of the tv to wait for it. It is sooooo cute.
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I've heard of that video, or one like it, but didn't think the cats would pay attention...I guess I was wrong! :LOL:

I may just get it, sounds like fun!
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