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What time do you eat dinner?

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The whats for dinner thread let's us know what's for dinner...but what time do you have dinner?

I usually have dinner at 6:00, if it's any later than that I could have a mutany on my hands!!
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on my day off we it around 5pm i used to eat dinner every nite around 5 but do to working nites can't do that anymore (lol) so when i get home from i have a tv dinner or a simple snack while watching my day time soaps with 10 eye balls watching me at the table while im kicked back on the floor

i like to cook stirfry or steak with a potato and salads or baked fish or grilled chicken sometimes fried but i always try to have a nice meal on my day off

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We tend to eat later. At least 8:00pm. And most days, during the summer, it's around 9:30 when I get home from paddling practice.
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i eat earlier. Somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30 usually.
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no set time, when I'm hungry.
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My dinner time depends completely upon my work schedule. For instance, I worked the night shift last night, so today I was eating my dinner when everyone else was having breakfast.
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Depend on when my husband comes home. He is self employed and times vary. But we started a ritual of stopping and enjoying dinner every night no matter what time.

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Rarely before 7:30
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Between 7:30 and 8:30 - sometimes later and rarely earlier - depending on what time my husband gets home from work.

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well when i used to live with my parents it would be about 6:30 - 7:30 because yeah thats how i was brought up.
But we went home today and so im having a crossaint now with a cuppa tea and its nearly 10 pm
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With my husband's weird work schedule, it really depends. If he has early shift, we eat dinner between 5 and 6 p.m.. If he has late shift, and I'm home (like tomorrow), we eat "dinner" around 11:45 a.m..
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Since I work nights, I have lunch at about 4pm, and dinner at work at about 1am.
No breakfast really.
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Monday through Friday I have to eat when I get home from work, which is around 8:30. Saturday and Sunday I eat around 6. I try not to eat too late, though, so my body has enough time to digest it properly. I've read a lot about how eating too late in the evening is not very good for you.
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Anywhere between 630-930! It's always different.
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I usually eat around 5:30 pm. I seriously don't know how some people can wait til 7 or 8 pm to eat. My stomach strongly informs me that I must eat!! Then again, it does depend on when people ate lunch. That I usually have at noon.
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The only time we eat dinner before 8 pm is if we're going out in the evening, and need to be done early, in which case it depends on when we need to leave. Ordinarily, though, I often don't even start preparation much before 8 and the meal could happen any time from 8 onward.
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Usually around 6pm - the teenager starts to hover menacingly if we leave it later than that. When I teach the evening class I don't get home til 9.30 pm so I usually get my evening meal around 9.45.
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A few years back, I was a pretty big boy, 220, and the years were piling up, 67, and when I would go deer hunting, I was almost certain I would experience a coronary conclusion before I got to the top of some of the hills.

East Tennessee isn't exactly flatland.

I decided to lose some weight, and I learned quickly that calory count wasn't by any means the whole story, as in bacon and eggs, or sausauge and eggs didn't cause the same weight build-up as did the same calory count of cereal and milk, so you might say I "discovered" the Atkins plan, lots of protien and few carbs.

I further discovered that food consumed early in the day had a chance to "burn off" during the day, and eating late in the day caused the food to "lay heavy" on the stomach and cause weight build-up, so by trial and error, I developed my own weight loss plan that WORKS ! ! !

I eat a heavy breakfast, about a pound of grapes before lunch, which is modest in calories, and low in carbs, and for the supper meal, I eat a LARGE, (maybe a quart) of solid salad, chopped celery, chopped bell peppers, and chopped cumumbers doused liberally with French fat-free dressing, cut 50% with water, and that is it for the day.

I ride the stationary bike a half hour before each meal at moderate speed, and the whole system works for me, 'cause I feel GREAT, and can do more than when I was 50, and I am 72 now.

Back to the topic of the post, DO NOT eat any heavy food late in the day, eat it early, eat deserts before 9:00 in the morning, etc, and the most important thing about it all, is to BE FAITHFUL TO THE PROGRAM ! !

My weight is now 155, and I am hungry all the time, but it is part of the price of feeling good and being healthy.

Do NOT lie to yourself.

Try it, you'll like it ! !

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Between 6:30 and 7:30.
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We usually have dinner around 5-6. I have two small kids so the need to eat somewhat early. But it also depends on when my husband gets home. He's the one who cooks
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I just eat when hungry. If I have people over for dinner it depends on what time they're used to eating. Anytime I make dinner for my Grandparents I have to have it ready at 5PM.
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My first meal is sometime between noon and 4, depending on if I'm going to work or getting done with class. My only other meal of the day falls somewhere between 9 and midnight. It depends on what shift I'm working, or if I've gone out shopping.

Mom and I haven't sat down to eat together at home for over 10 years. We'll snack together, but we never eat meals.
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Wow Leonard! What a great success story. Congratulations on your inspiring weight loss!!
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