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Fast recovery

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Hi everyone,

A couple of photos of Frodo the day after he was neutered. Already up and around and up to his mischievious self.

Frodo: "Yum.... drool....yum..."

Frodo: "I was just looking... I wasn't gonna do anything....honest.... "
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Awww such a pretty boy!!!
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so glad it wet well! he is a sweetie!
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Frodo scared the fishy!
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Cassidy wants to know if you want to go fishing together

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Frodo is adorable, love the pics.
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Frodo i just love your sweet little face
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Caught you in the act Frodo!!!
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How thoughtful of you to provide Frodo with such a thoughtful treat after his surgery. He's a handsome boy
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Very funny
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Cute boy! My Oliver gets busted eye balling our fish too LOL
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Frodo you are adorable! Glad you made out ok.
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