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Whiskers of a rescued stray

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Let me ask this small question...it is something I have been wondering about.

If a cat loses its whiskers, do they grow back and at what rate?

Nano was in bad shape when I rescued her. Besides what you'd expect from several months of being on the streets, someone had shaved some letters (or something) into her and at some point she had also been covered in silver spray paint. No other comments.

The whiskers around her mouth appear to be in good shape but the whiskers above her eyes (eyebrows?) are very different. Over the right eye she has two to three long dark whiskers and a few more very short white whiskers. Over the left eye she has uniform medium length but more numerous white whiskers.

Nano is a shorthair adult female cat who is black, white and tannish-orange. The fur color for the eyebrow area over both eyes is black.

Are different types of eyebrow whiskers considered normal? Is this a problem from the abuse?
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Good lord! Poor kitty! I tell you some of the things I have seen in my life that people do to cats that arrive here for help is beyond me!

Her whiskers should grow back in time, unless when she was being experimented with and tortured they managed to cut into her tissue and muscle. But if they shaved the whiskers with a razor or cut them off with scissors she will get them back.

Thanks for saving her-
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Glad to hear that whiskers grow back.

Besides being different lengths, right now there are many more whiskers over the left eye than the right. Hopefully things will even out over time and I will just be patient.
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How terrible people can be! If for no other reason to report abuse, I wish animals could speak english. Thank you for helping that poor kitty and good luck with the whiskers.
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belly rubs to Nano and big hugs to you! People can be so mean poor baby glad she has you!
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They definitely grow back over time. Some also have different colors of whiskers. Willow has eyebrow whiskers with ticking, so that each whisker is two or three different colors. I'm not sure that all cats have even numbers of whiskers on both sides. If one has some darker whiskers, they may blend in with the rest of the fur so it may look like there are fewer.
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