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Ha ha ha, Debby!! thanks love!!! I am wise.... ha ha ha ha!!! Hmmm maybe it comes from getting married at 18?!! ha ha (heck I wouldn't change it for the world!) but thanks love what a compliment!! And you are NOT old!! I too LOVE AEROSMITH!!! wooohoooo!!!
KrazyKat2 I like Creed, but not always....I have to be in the mood ya know?! But (Sorry Debby) I also DISLIKE Shania Twain!! ha ha...
I do like DIDO though I love her album, and I like some of Madonnas stuff too.
Mr Cat, Bjork ROCKS!!!
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I agree, Aerosmith ROCKS! I also like Kiss, Alice Cooper, and the more popular stuff of today, stained, creed things like that. But I still will take Aerosmith,Kiss, and Alice Cooper over them all!
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jugen, I too love Stained. I bought their CD just because of one song that I totally love... "It's Been Awhile" I can really relate to that song!
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Originally posted by NightSoWindy
but my favorite band is none of those, which is modest mouse! ohhhh yeah.
oh my! i dont know anyone else who listens to them but me! i adore that band,
i have only been listening to them for about 4 months now but i cant get over how amazing they are.

favourite songs: 3rd planet, gravity rides everything, i came as a rat, lives & on & on & on....
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I like some of Aerosmith's songs.... especially the theme song from Armagedon!
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I love top 40 music, i.e. Janet Jackson, Madonna, Pink, BSB, etc.

I also like rockier stuff like Matchbox 20, goo goo dolls, the calling, nickleback, etc.

The new Pink album is AMAZING. I haven't been able to stop listening to it all week long. I have to say the new Britney is her best one yet from beginning to end.
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Ooooo OooH!!! I love Pink!! She is soo cool..... I don't have her latest album but having read your review AP I think I better go get it!!
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I am totally a teen of the eighties, i am addicted to anything 80s, i love Queen, the Police, David Bowie, Duran Duran, A-ha, Wham, The Bangles, Toto ("Africa" has to bwe one of my all time favs) Peter Gabriel is the absolute best of the best, and i love Genesis too, Fleetwood Mac, Roxy Music, so many so many...and i am getting a serious need for a fix I love other music too, Abba, The Corrs are fabulous, Metalica (the Black Album), a lot of Ozzy and Kiwi music too, Icehouse, Inxs, Jimmy Barnes, Split Enz, Crowded House, James Reyne, Cold Chisel, Dragon, Daryl Braithwaite. And Rock Opera, not so much Andrew Lloyd Webber, but "Chess", "Les Misérables" and "Jesus Christ Superstar".

Must stop now or i will go on and on and on a bit like the Energiser bunny

I feel a need to Queen......excuse me

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Just wanted to add to that Chee.....INXS ROCK!!!! Whoooooohooooooo!!! and he was gorgeous too....what a waste hes not around anymore....

(PS, Is it just me or does "Suicide Blonde" just make ya wanna leap around singing and swinging yer teatowel!?! :laughing: )
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I really love spanish and latino music. I love Julio Iglesias and his son, Enrique. I like Ricky Martin(I love his butt!!!) , Mark Anthony, and other hispanic singers. I love Gloria Estefan and Alejandro Fernandez. There is a composer/singer/songwriter that I really like. His name is Juan Gabriel and he is very popular.

I also like Neil Diamond, Phil Collings, Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen.
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I enjoy traditional mariachi music. I've a two-disk album by Orchester Mariachi Sol.

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The most famous mariachi band is called Mariachi Vargas. They play with just about any mexican singer. They have won a big award in a show called Premios Lo Nuestro(means Our Awards) or something like that.
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I like the song "Cancion Del Mariachi" by Antonio Banderas and Los Lobos. It's from the movie Desperado.
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Chee..... You and I must have the exact same musical tastes!!!
I love all the stuff you mentioned!!!!! Yaaaaay 80's!!!!
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I have to put a plug in for my absolute favorite - which hasn't been mentioned yet. I love Ani Difranco. Her lyrics are always so true. My other favorites are Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Bjork, PJ Harvey... I'm into female voices lately. I also enjoy Tool and NIN among others.
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Right on ! Another NIN fan It goes without saying, usually, that if you're into NIN, Tool is among your faves somewhere. Maynard James Keenan doesn't look anything like I pictured when I started listening to Tool, hes a cutie
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My favorite music is Jim Brickman (solo piano), Phil Coulter (piano), Enya (piano, vocal), Aerosmith, AC/DC, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie.
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Ooo yeah...I like Enya too....so good to just chill out to!
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Hey bud, ....does Heath Ledger sing? :laughing: if so....uh ya...love it, that's one of my favorites...... :LOL:
(just kiddin' of course, guys, I know he doesn't sing. ) Or DOES he?
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there's talk that Enya just might tour. She's never done that before. I think it would be awesome to see her.

I said it once and I'll say it again, the new Pink is awesome!!! go buy it1
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Oooo oooo I keep forgetting to buy Pinks album!! Must remember....*writing it on forehead*.....(you make me sick.....do do do do do do.... ooops, just to clarify, I'm singing the song!! no-one makes me sick!! ha ha )
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I like Ministry, Tool, Incubus, Machines of Loving Grace, Corosion of Conformity, Black Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane, Kittie, Deftones, NIN, ect.
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I went to a party thrown by Trent Reznor on Halloween at his Garden District mansion when I lived in New Orleans. He's a complete jerk in real life!!! Sorry to let anyone down.
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Oh! Don't destroy my fantasy of Trent You actually went to his house? Wow. I bet its really awesome. Details! Details!! Why do you say he was a jerk?
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Does anybody like classical such as Mozart, Beethoven, or Tychosky? I love the songs from Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and the Nutcracker. I like the Marriage of Figaro. I really do not know the names of most of the songs, just the way they sound. I bought an album by Lucinny(opera singer) because I thought it was a Christmas album. Turns out the only song was O holy Night. But I like the songs anyway. I like the way he sings Ave Maria. I also enjoy gospel music. And cathedral music(organ)! Really beautiful!. Donna, I like Enya too.
Does anyone have the album of Jonathon Livingston Seagull by Neil Diamond. Its really neat. Sounds of the waves always calm me.
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Yep, there's classical fans here, too!

Beethoven Piano & Orchestral Works, Mozart Symphonies, Strauss Waltzes and BIG Bach Organs, as well as a few stray pieces of Berlioz, Moussorgsky, Holst, Suppe, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Wagner...

It resides in my music collection alongside the others I've previously posted...

Vocal/choral pieces are beginning to have more of an appeal to me (lately)

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It's a big, white, Antabellem(sp?) manson with wrought iron fencing. I only saw part of the inside of the house which for the most part was restored to look like it had way back when with lots of antiques, fancy ceiling medalions, chandaliers, and vases. The old ball room ,where the main party was, had a huge sound system, big screne tv and a bar which we all helped ourselves to. There were people wondering around diff. parts of the house but they where friends of Trent's. I wasn't really allowed to look around alot though I did end up in his kitchen looking for the bathroom. Trent spent most of the time upstaires with his friends and didn't socialize with his guests. So why did he have a party? When he did come downstairs for a little while he snubbed most people and overall acted very highhanded. Like we should feel blessed by his slitest glance. I asked some of my friends there who had also ran into him and went to his parties; they all agreed he was always a jerk. Anything specific you want to know about his house? I always love to talk about my time in New Orleans. Oh yeah, he also has the coolest courtyard with fountains, vines, banana trees and angel trumpets( a type of flower that smells really good)!
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I've a sure-fire way of getting egomaniacs back onto solid ground: It's called military service! Be they female or male, poor or rich, old or young, a few years spent doing what one's told (or else) can help otherwise-misguided individuals. Well, it's a nice dream anyway!


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I'm a huge jazzer from way back, but I love fusion. Rock Fusion, Funk Fusion...it's sort a reminds me when different races mix...the babies are soooooooooo gorgeous.

Guitarist's run with my heart since that's what I play and forget about it; my list can go on forever! :LOL:

There's little that I don't like except for thrash, rap and country. I don't find them interesting musically, due to being a musician for quite some time...

I do love the classical artists and one of them being my favorite is Rachmaninov, Puccini, and Strauus. There's many beautiful opera singers that have crossed over to pop that are quite intriguing.

Thanks for letting me ramble on! :laughing2:
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Rap is interesting if you pick the right artist. Linkin park incorporate rap in their music and they are brilliant!
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