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What are your goals for this year?

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Mine are to finish the cat enclosure, and all of the remodeling here at the house.
Pitch my book in November at the writer's conference
And firm up three writing contracts in the wind right now-
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Find a new job to tie me over for a few years.
Save as much money as I possibly can.
Grow my side business by 25% (these 3 goals are geared towards getting out of corporate America in a few years).

Find creative ways to raise funds for the humane society.
And most importantly: love the ones that mean the most to me - my husband and family of furkids.
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I've really only had one major goal for the past 12 years - to be the best mom to my son I possibly can be. It's getting harder as he's getting older. One more year of "pre-teen" and then we jump off the high dive into the deep end!!

And as an added thought I think that having Mac in his life has been one of the best things in the world for him.
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First and foremost, quit . There, I said it. It's out there.
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Mine is to achieve top grades for my school this year and for the next also!
lose a little bit of weight. and be the best mommy to Teufel! and girlfriend to bf
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I like the separation of personal and professional, soo....

start grad school
research changing positions in my current occupation
save more than spend my money

Learn how to tile a backsplash in my kitchen and do it
begin volunteering (perhaps through kiwanis, or through an animal rescue group)
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Let's see...
Finish up school (and pass all my exams, etc)
Quit my current job and get a new job as a teacher
Plan a wedding in Hawaii (grrr, so much work) for next year
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my goals well im going to refinance my morage pay off my credit cards which i am not proud of at all cause my Dad would really be disspointed in me if he were still alive but i do have good credit so the bank is going to help me out.

after that im going to do some work on my rental property have fixed up a little so i can rent it out next summer and use it as a summer rental place instead of by the year ok thats two goals my other goal is to work on my marriage which is going a little better after we open up yesturday and had a talk about somethings

my biggest goal is to do the best i can and make this year a better year work hard and hold my job down because in the past when things would get ruff i would always have a hard time holding a job down But ive reached a point in my life where its time to stick with one job im happy where i work at other then we still have no help but there is a add in the paper hiring bakery help

thoses are my goals for this year

Thanks 'Hissy' that was a good topic

"If you want to reach a goal, you must 'see the reaching' in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal."
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Finish my Masters


Enjoy my family.
Do the best we can to help my daughter achieve her grades to get into her first choice university.
Once daughter is settled in the autumn, hubby and I have freedom of choice to decide where we would like to move to - so then, start looking around.
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I have two goals. First stay OUT of the hospital this year! I was in there for a while for knee replacement and would rather not be in there. Second is to meet my girlfriend in person. I met her online and she lives in Detroit and I live in Pittsburgh.
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I have too many goals, I'll keep it simple (and vague!).

Start making money outside of my mind-numbing desk job.
Work on doing new things and not letting shyness/neurosis get in the way.
Finish some of the creative projects I've started/want to start.
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Let's see...

-Make the best grades I can in these last 2 semesters.
-Graduate in December.
-Get into the master's program of my choice by October.
-Enjoy my last summer off and do as much as I can.
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I like the separation of professional and personal too, but being self-employed, some of my goals are hard to define in one or the other! I do however, want to finish 10 quilts this year, at least, get hubs bakery off and running, before it makes us both crazy, lol, keep my promise to him that since he's going to be tied up with the bakery this summer, I'm in charge of our garden this year.....I've always helped, and have master gardener training, but have never done the whole thing from start to finish!

Oh, and speaking of the garden, I want to use the bakery kitchen to make some homeade jams, jellies and canned stuff to sell too!
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To lose weight, I have made good progress so far in losing 14 lbs.
To get my drivers licence once I get home to NZ - when I was young and single I never had a need for one.
To get my butt moving on finding a job in NZ and going back and finishing school.

Only 5 months left til I go home!
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Professional: stay employed!

Personal: pay off my car & re-landscape my front yard.
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Nothing on the professional front. I'm in a dead-end job that suits my physical and financial needs.

Personal: take a vacation, whether Bill wants to go or not; paint the bathroom and the outside of the house; try to see more of the grandkids - they hardly know me.
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A new job, where I am challenged and paid better-still hopefully working in education but looking into other areas.

To continue my playwriting, and moving with it.

Keep up with my health work (doing yoga, eating correctly etc)
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Good thread. So far it looks like everyone has thought their goals out and know exactly what they want. I want to:

Finish developing my game by the end of this year.
Gain 10 more pounds of muscle through exercise.
Hit a softball 350 feet on the drop.
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This year I want to:

Find a new job with not too much cut in pay -without a 3 hr commute

Take a kickboxing class and compete in archery.

Start selling my upholstery and re-work on Ebay.

Enlist in the summer volunteer progam at either of the Sioux resverations in South Dakota to help build homes and work in the free clinic teaching classes in job hunting and keeping skills for the Lakota Sioux.

Start an east King County network for re-homing orhpaned kitties.
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This year I'd like to-

1.) Graduate Cum Laude from my Master's program
2.) Take the Australian Society of Audiology overseas applicants exam and pass it with flying colors
3.) Get a job in Australia as an Audiologist (and hopefully stay there for good!)

While I'm stuck here at home, maybe jumpstart a solid TNR program! Wishful thinking!
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Goal 1:

Purchase a condo. I put it off but have determined that 2005 is the year to actually become an owner.

Right now I'm moving into a new rental unit.

Goal 2:

Acquire my PMI certification

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My goals are as follows: To get a better paying job, where i work normal days hours like normal people. I'd like to get into something like Web design and web graphics.

I'd also like "get thru" the loss of my Snoopy cat,without being sad and lonely all of the time, and maybe find another loving and affectionate love kitty, similar to Snoopy, maybe another Blue Point Siamese, because I think they are the sweetest cats.
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I have no professional, I am a stay at home MOM. My goal this year is to be the best mom and wife to my wonderful Hubby, as it is every year. Also my other goal is to stand up for myself better. I always have my husband do it, I'm a people/cat pleaser
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Find a house to rent and move in!
Get a studio.
Achieve a great grade in my degree.
Exhibit all over the place!
Get my business up and running!
Hope that my knee recovers completely - soon!
Buy a Camper and travel with Tibby and Molly!
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As my "real" job of 19 yrs is ending in September-just count down the days and stay sane until then.
Work on developing a game plan for my "side jobs" of landscape design.
Increase my plant sale profits this year
Decide one job options/going back to school?

Paint outside of "the workshop"
Re-landscape around that building to include patio furniture.
Spend less money on "stuff" I really don't need.
Work some more on landscaping around potting shed-design water feature.
Continue to lose weight.
Work on planning European trip for July 2006
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Professional: Really don't have a goal for this year. I'm stuck at this job until February of next year, if I leave before then I'll have to pay back tution reimbursement. I do need to update my resume though.

Get rid of all the month services I don't use. Ie. Cable TV, and the gym membership. No need to throw money away like that.
Buy a bicycle and start riding at least a mile a day. (My cousin and I are going to do this together, so I'l have a workout buddy.)
Pay down my CC debt. I can't believe I have as much as I do but I got into this mess and I'll get out of this mess.
See my Little Sister (I volunteer at Big Sisters) once a week. (We have conflicting schedules so it's hard sometimes.)
Redecorate the apartment, at least the bathroom. I was going to move in July but have changed my mind so this is my half way attempt to make the apartment feel new.
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