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My new kitten is biting our fingers

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I am new to this site but have been searching the internet for a few days trying to find information about kittens that bite. It's not that she bites us all the time, she actually hides a lot. We got her from someone who had found her abandoned by her mother at about 2 weeks old. She is now 4 months old (we just got her 1 week ago today) the problem is she hides and when we bring her out she seems content but starts to lick our fingers and eventually bite (knaw like) them. I don't know if this is because she was not weened correclty, or if she is just regressing because of the new surroundings. If any one has any information on this behavior please respond!!! Thank You
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Welcome to the world of kittenhood..
Most kittens will nibble to play or just for comfort. I am sure she was without her mom way to early. You may even notice her suckeling your blankets or shirts. When she does this, all you need to do is tell her no and distract her with a toy. Let her chew on that. The earlier she learns her humans fingers are not toys, the better. If she does not catch on after a month or so, you can get some bitter spray to put on your fingers during love and play time.
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Hi Maria and welcome!

Give her lots of love and attention and try to play with her with toys that allow for interactive play without involving your hands (like the fishing rod toy). Like Sandie said, you don't won't her growing under the impression that your fingers are chewable toys.

Don't forget to get her spayed real soon. 4 months is old enough and it's best to spay before the first heat.
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This reminds me of our newest cat, Sir Didymus. He followed my son home last summer and wouldn't leave *LOL* In any case, the vet figured he was about 4 months old at the time. Didymus doesn't nibble fingers...he nibbles and sucks on ear lobes!

He's 8 months old now and still does it (when we allow him too...he slobbers a lot!). I think it's a comfort thing. So, don't worry too much about your kitten. If she starts biting, gently grab the scruff of her neck and say "no". Mother cats teach their kittens by grabbing the scruff and giving a small shake, so you're doing something similar. You don't want to encourage her by allowing her to bite, but you also don't want to scare her either, as she seems quite timid.

Hope this helps.

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