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Gibbby pets me! O.o

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He.. is cerrtainly odd-
I'll be typing on the computer and hear him making his little monkey noises, and then there's a little white paw (or 2) stroking my leg.... and then he bolts off in another direction, happy as a clam, lol!

What's that about?
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An invitation to play, perhaps? Jamie does that to me, and it usually means he wants me to chase him. I also get affectionate pats on my cheeks.
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Definitely a cry for attention.

It's like, "Look at me! Look at me! Let's go play...." And he scoots off.
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I'd say the same. Thats what Rosie does with Sophie when she wants a game of chase.

She jumps in front of Sophie making short trill noises as if to say "Come on chase me!", then darts off again, the Sophie starts to chase after her
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How sweet! Sierra's precious little way to wake me up is to gently touch my face, taking turns with one paw at a time. She's persistent, too!
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I would say it's a cry for attention, but he only seems to do it when I'm out of sorts, lol.. so I guess.. he wants to tell me it's okay? It's not just once, he'll literally pet me, like several strokes and then go off in anotherr direction (generally once I've told him he's weird.)
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I'm used to being "petted", "brushed" (Jamie runs his claws through my hair), and "groomed" (he cleans my ears every morning), so I'd say Ghibli is just treating you like "mommy cat"!
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If I go to bed with my hair wet, I have a cat drying it with his tonge -.O so I suppose he is just breening his mum.. little weirdo
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