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Indoor-only cat acting ill.

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My three year old cat, Oliver, started acting really strange about 3 hours ago. Up until then he was totally normal, then I noticed he was laying next to the couch, and he sort of yowled like something was irritating or biting him, then shifted position, yowled again, then got up walking very gingerly. I immediately knew something was up so I watch him walk, and it was as if he was in a lot of pain. He sort of limps, but not on any particular leg. I called him over to me, and he leaned forward as if to come, but then decided not to (which is not like him). So I needed to figure out if he was just tired, or maybe had a cramp, and I knew the one thing he would not sit down for was the laser pointer. I got it out and immediately his eyes dialated and he was alert and followed it with his head, but would NOT budge from where he was sitting (which has never happened before). I picked him up carefully, and examined him, and he does not seem to be injured, he did not yelp or seem physically uncomfortable when I touched him. I put him in my room to rest on my bed, which is his favorite spot, and he got up, slowly walked to the edge and jumped down, and almost fell over when he hit the ground.

I am totally stumped. He has not been stepped on or hurt in any way, he spent the entire afternoon taking a nap with me in the bed, and jumped down to go to the bathroom with no problem, then jumped back up with no problem a few minutes later, and got right back under the covers with me. After the nap he followed me downstairs and laid next to the couch. My dogs were in thier crates, and when I got up, I immediatley put them in the backyard, where they were still, when he started the behavior, so I know the dog did not have a chance to hurt him either.

I have a vet appointment for 8am tommorrow, but I will be driving to Tennessee at noon to visit my husband's father who has cancer. The trip has been planned and the hotel booked, the neighbor is scheduled to come feed them and change the litter,but I can't leave him alone with the other cats if he's sick.

Right now he is hiding under the printer stand in the office (his usual spot is in my lap).

Anybody have any clue what could be wrong?
His temp is 101.7, his eyes and nose are clear, gums are pink, other than limping and hiding he is showing no other symptoms. He is due for his vaccinations right now, so I had planned on taking him in after the trip.

I know it is impossible to diagnose via the internet, I am just looking for some opinions on what it could possibly be.

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Hmmm. I don't know how to to help you, sorry.
Try to stay positive and calm for your kitty and I'll send good vibes and wishes your way.
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Sorry no idea what could be causing his problems, but I do wish you the best in getting him looked after. Best wishes all around.
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Thank You. He was able to jump up on the couch a few minutes ago and crawl into my lap. He looks like he is feeling really crummy. I will try let you guys know what the vet says, if I can get to my computer tommorow before we leave. I may end up boarding him at the vet's kennel, so he can be looked after while I am away.
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could he have eaten something? last time Maverick went all weird on me she had eaten as wasp!
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Mishon - it's a good thing you have a vet appointment tomorrow morning. As you said, it's really hard to diagnose what this could be. Did you examine his paws, looking between the toes, and pressing on the pads to get a look at his claws? A cracked or split claw can be painful. It's possible he's got something sharp stuck in the paw. Feel both back legs (get someone to hold him still) and see if they feel symetrical - feel carefully for any lumps, bumps or swelling.

Worst case scenario could be kidney problems, but the vet would have to do bloodwork as well as a physical exam to be sure of this. Make sure the vet listens very carefully to his heart as well, since sometimes heart problems can cause weakness in the legs. I don't want to worry you - again, these are just possibilities that you want to rule out.

I wouldn't do any vaccinations until you do bloodwork to determine it's not a serious condition. Oliver is a young, indoor and otherwise healthy cat so this will probably turn out to be some sort of injury from jumping and running around the house.

PS- Oliver's very handsome - Both your babies are adorable.
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The visit to the vet went well, he had been limping some this morning before we went but not nearly as bad as yesterday. When we got there, he did his usual hide-in-my-mommies-shirt routine, he hates to sit in the waiting room in his carrier so I usually let him hide out underneath my shirt or jacket, I think it makes him feel safe and it definately calms him, almost to sleep!

Anyway, he went through the exam without making a peep, even when his toes were inspected and his legs bent and stretched. The vet agreed that his gums were a healthy color, and he wasn't dehydrated. He walked across the floor without limping, and seemed to be perfectly normal.

Since he has been back, he has returned to his usual self, jumping onto the fish tank, and all of his other antics.

Thanks for all of the good wishes,

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Hi Carla, great news about Oliver feeling fine again. Did the vet have any idea what it could have been?

You must be so relieved! Good to hear that things are back to normal!
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This is wonderful news, Carla! I'm so happy Oliver is feeling better!
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