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96.6 cents/litre the last time I gassed up, a couple of days ago.
Wow! I was filling up when it dropped to 73.8 or 74.8, and the most I have paid recently was around .78 But I noticed that it went up to .84 - .86 the beginning of the week, and thought that was high!
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I just filled my tank yesterday and it cost me $27.00 ($2.23 per gallon for the cheap grade). I have a small car that is really good on gas but if gas gets any more expensive I don't know what I'm going to do.
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Originally Posted by wodesorel
I was able to fill up at 1.34 a gallon, and my grandfather did even better. His was only 49 cents a gallon.

Before anyone starts yelling, we go to Giant Eagle. They're offering this deal now that for every 50 dollars you spend on groceries, you get 10 cents off a gallon at their GetGo gas station. (People are starting to realize their prices are rediculous, so their having to drum up businiess with gimmicks. It's working.)

So anyhoo, you can get up to 30 gallons at the reduced cost, so my grandfather fills up his tank with 15 gallons, and procedes to fill up 5 more 3 gallon jugs, because they weren't going to "cheat him out of all that gas".
wodesorel, I've done that, too. I live in Penn Hills and there is a big Getgo about a mile and a half from me!
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