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Bobber's new habit

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Well ever since I lost Sheba Bobber has been establishing herself as the alpha cat. She was the youngest. She will at times chase after OX the oldest and once in a while spit at her sleeping buddy Grizzly.
When I got Bakker she wasn't the happiest which also coincided to keeping the cats inside when Sheba hit the newspaper and TV/Radio.
He I believe is establishing himself as the number 2 cat which doesn't seem to be a problem. He knows Bobber the Queen of the house.
Bobber and Grizzly used to sleep on the beds most nights but they didn't like Bakker jumping all over the place. But he doesn't always sleep on the bed-he does really like my head and pillow or he will sleep on my neck/upper chest area.
But the last couple of nights Bobber has joined him in sleeping either up by my head (between us) giving me about one square inch of pillow. Or she laid in the exact same spot he does-the neck/shoulder area.
She has never ever been a cat to lay up by the head area. Usually she lays farther down on the bed. I'm worried sometime in the middle of the night she will do her alpha routine and I'll get scratched!! So far nothing but how long will the peace last??
Any thoughts?????
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I don't have advice to offer, but I hope you find Sheba soon.
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They might be able to work it out without fighting. Bringing Ho Ho home last week upset the balance of my now 4 cat household. The old order was Merlin - L.S. - Hans. I'm pretty sure they've changed it around to L.S. - Ho Ho - Merlin - Hans. But there have been no fights, just each other sort of pushing each other out of the way.
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Sounds like Bobber is a little envious and doesn't want anyone between her "slave" (you) and herself. My cats often vie for the best sleeping spots on the bed at night but if I catch any of them even starting a tussle, they are banned from the bed. They figure it out pretty quick - no hissing or shoving, or no mom and dad at night.

My other advise: get more pillows (I have 6).
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