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Hi Eva

I know it's probably not the first thing on your mind sweetie but your message box is full.

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Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday!!!
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Many Happy Returns, Eva!

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Happy Birthday Eva!

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Happy Birthday, Eva!!!
Enjoy your very special day!

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Happy Birthday, Eva!
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Thank you everyone, it was really lovely to see this post especially for me And thanks for telling me my inbox was full, it is now empty so feel free to send me some

My birthday was a bit of a distaster actually and most of the morning and some of the afternoon I spent crying or feeling like I just wanted to cancel my birthday and move on. So much seemed to happen and all bad and it had to happen on my very special day

But on the slightly good side D my fiance tried to cheer me up best he could and took me out for the afternoon and I ended up having quite a good time and getting my mind of things. And then in the evening we went to see a film, then for a meal and then went to a club/pub and dranks lots!!!

I had a brilliant time though in the end so at least some of my birthday was memorable. And my gorgeous eviecat even woke me up at 6AM wanting me to cuddle her and play with her which was so sweet. And molly was just being a naughty little monster as ever

Here is some pictures we took last night:

My new eeyore and birthday balloon

My alcholic Cocktail

Me and my Cocktail

D and Me


There we go, hope you liked them Some of them aren't the best pictures in the world but hey ho!

Take care Eva x
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Eva i love your top!! that drink looks quite nice too....
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Such wonderful photos, Eva! Glad you had fun!
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hopw you had loads of fun!!
that cocktail looks delicious what was it?
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Happy belated birthday!!!! Yum - thanks for sharing your cocktail!
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They are lovely photos Eva. I'm glad you had a good birthday in the end - wow! you did so much. I was exhausted just reading about it!
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The cocktail was called Classic New york I think and its from Frankie and Bennies and it was Yummy!!!!

And that pink top wass from next, I've had it for a while now but its still my favoruite top.

I had a very good time but due to being ill I found it very hard and exhausting but it was my birthday and it was worth over doing it.

Thanks everyone

The Birthday Girl x
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Glad you had a great time Eva....
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