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New Kitten with Runny Noses

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I have kittens that were born on Feb 28th. Originally 3 Calicos and 2 blacks. We lost one black in the first two days. However, in the last 3-4 days they have all started having runny noses and in the last 12 hours what looks like some eye discharge. Is this normal? They all seems to be eating fine, growing and eyes opening.
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No it isn't normal, at all. Please take them to the vet asap.

I'm also moving this to Health & Nutrition.
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Yes, please take them to the vet ASAP. Also, watch them very, very closely to make sure they keep eating well. Since they are so young still, they can start a downward spiral very quickly! Are there any other cats that are around besides mom and kittens? Kittens so young can catch an Upper Respiratory Infection easily from other cats. Their immunity to sicknesses like this comes from their mothers milk. So if mom's sick, there's a good chance kitties will be too. I hope everything works out for these little babies and that they feel better soon.
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I asked a similar question the other day... I had kittens born on the 27th, and out of the five of them, they all have been sneezing off and on with clear nasal drainage but one got goopy eyes that got stuck shut. I did take them to vet and vet said they are so incredibly healthy but she did prescribe a little Amoxil for the one with the goopy eyes. The goopy eyes cleared up after a day on antibiotic so I don't know if she was really sick or just some sort of irritation.

The others had a little bit of gooey eyes but not enough to get stuck shut, so believe it or not, that cleared up as well... go figure..

Hope they feel better soon
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It sounds like your kittens have upper respritory infections or a cold. Please get them seen by the vet ASAP. Please let us know how it goes!
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