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Why sit in the rain??

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There is a stray in my neighborhood that I always look for on my drive home. He hangs out in one specific spot all the time. (While he's obviously a stray, he looks well fed and relatively healthy) The other night I was driving home in the rain and there he was, still in the same spot, getting drenched! He was under a bush, but still!

I was just wondering why he wouldn't have found a better place to get out of the rain? (Under a car, on someone's porch) Any ideas?
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Perhaps' its a female with a litter??? Or the cat is injured??
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could be a good mousing spot, one of my cats would sit in the same spot for hours almost motionless waiting for a ground squirrel to come out of a hole.
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Poor little guy - maybe that's one of the few places he feels safe, even if he does get wet.

Have you ever tried to approach him to see if he's friendly? Sounds like he's a lost or abandoned cat. Sometimes those cats don't know how to take care of themselves as well as a "streetwise" feral cat would, since they're not used to being outside 24/7.

I'd try to get a closer look at him. He may not be so well fed and may need help. He'll probably be frightened though, so don't be surprised if he takes off if you do try to get close to him.

If he was in my neighborhood, I'd be getting my trap out and trying to get him in to the vet to get him checked out and to see if he needs to be neutered. If he's a lost cat, he might even be microchipped. Someone might be looking for him.
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If you have time, go take a closer look at the situation. But keep your distance because it might be a mama cat and you wouldn't want to disturb her.
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mamacats would not have their kittens out in such a public area. It is likely a good mouse hole nearby and he is just waiting for the prey to come out. Plus being in the bushes he will feel secure. His well-fed look could mean he is loaded with parasites. Like KT I too would be trying to get close to this cat to find out if I could trap him and help him. It is also possible that he is lost and someone may be frantically worried about him.
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