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Interview Vibes Needed

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My friend is so excited about a job interview next Friday. But this is rather special - he has not worked for more than five years, as he is an alcoholic and has spent a lot of time in detox and rehab, almost dying at least twice from alcohol poisoning. BUT he has been dry for three years now, and is trying to do something with his life at last. He has been doing volunteer work for the Red Cross and for a local Drug/alcohol centre for several months, also studying to become a counselor, and there is now a paid vacancy at a drug clinic nearby. He has the right recommendations, and God knows, he has the experience necessary to help others recover from what he went through, so I am keeping everything crossed for him. Some good vibes from you all would help too.
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Sending vibes......one of my past co-workers had admitted the same and quite her job to go back to school to become a alcohol/drug counselor also and got hired to do this type of work part time while going back to school.
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Absolutely Yes Jenny, sending ((((((good vibes))))) to you, don`t feel nervous, you can do it!

Go Girl Go!!!
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How wonderful that he has not only turned his own life around, but also wants to help others do the same. Sending lots of good vibes that he gets the job!
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I agree with Heidi - I hope he gets the job! ~~~~~~~~~~ vibes all around!
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Wow!! Good for him As someone who has been sober for over 13 years I send all my best wishes and say an extra prayer to my higher power for him.

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Sending vibes his way!
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Mega vibes for your friend Jenny. I truly hope he is successful.
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What a wonderful step for your friend, Jenny. Sure hope he gets the position!
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