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I have a new kitty!

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I actually rescued this one from a pet store. She was going to be put to sleep because she is soooo shaky and thin. So, they let me just have her when I told them that I was going to take her straight to the vet and knew how concerned I was about the poor little thing. She is just the sweetest little fuzzball I've seen. She's a medium haired gray domestic who Matt and I named "Wubbles" (cuz she wobbles when she walks.) Well, when I took her to the vet today, they found out that all of her brain was not fully developed and would not be ever be fully developed. I also pointed out to them that she didn't really respond to noise, and then found out she is completely deaf. Poor little Wubbles. She is 5 months old and is a little less than 2 lbs - sooo thin. So now I'm trying to fatten her up. I bought her a bunch of toys and a new scratch post, bed, litter pan and everything with a purple theme. hehehe (I don't think she's that concerned with color, but it seemed right for her ) She is sooo cute. And it's kind of nice that she doesn't hear (me being selfish, I know) but now she can sleep on my lap while I type without having to snoop around to "watch the noise" and loud noises don't scare her (like the garbage disposal and my car). Ohhh! She is soo good in the car. She just sits in the passenger seat (lays down) and doesn't make one peep. She is such a good little thing - it's hard to believe that she's mentally handicapped! Well, off to play with Wubbles! :tounge2:
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Congratulations to you and Wubbles!! It is so heartwarming to hear you guys are willing to give this baby a chance at life!
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Dear Night,

It's so wonderful of you to have rescued Wubbles from that pet store. Her problem is no doubt from in-breeding on one of those kitten mills. She is very lucky to have you to care for her. Good luck with her.

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You can try her with either cod liver oil or nutra-yeast both you can get a good health food store. Just sprinkle a little of the oil or the yeast over the moist cat food and stir it in. I had a brain-damaged blind little girl kitty we called Marbles, she was born from a litter where the mom had distemper. Your guys are sure going to miss you when you finally get to basic- or are your going to smuggle your hedgehodge and cats in your duffle bag? Would be great company for your squad but might upset your DI. Good luck with your upcoming Basic Training and thanks for doing your part to make us all feel safe! Kudos to you!
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My hat is off to you, girl. Thank you and good luck.

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Congrats to you & Wubbles! She sounds so sweet! I'd love to see pics of her when you get a chance! That is awesome of you for rescuing her!
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Wow, little Wubbles has been so lucky to find you!
I'm sure she is even sweeter than a "normal" cat.

Waiting for a pic
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I am sooooooo proud of you for rescuing little Wubbles. One of my first kits was brain damaged from an accident. Snowball was the most lovable and interesting little babe I have had the pleasure of being owned by! I am thinking God is smiling on you for this one Night! Wubbles is a fortunate little fur babe. Get us a pic?
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Thanks for the early morning tears! Thanks, too, for saving Wubbles. That makes we want to go out and get another (would be number 3). I wonder if my wife would notice...hmmmm...

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Oh, I love her name, Wubbles!

She sounds like a little sweetheart.

Is she eating okay now? I was thinking that she might not smell properly and I gather cats need to smell in order to eat (never been a problem in my house). Will the walking clear up with better nutrition, or is that going to continue to be a problem too?

I've never owned a disabled animal. The very idea breaks my heart. But she sounds so sweet and snuggly and just wants to be loved!
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OOOOooooo I was just going to say I love the name too!! (I could have a field day rhyming that with stupid stuff!!like..."cuddly Wubbly" "Wubbles wansom snuggles" "wubbly wub" etc etc...hee hee)
Its so good of you to take her in and care for her.... Im sure she'll be a little to have!! give Wubbles some cuddles from me!! (sorry I couldn't resist it...ha ha ha )
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Hi I just couldn't handle seeing such a cute little thing be put down over something like that.

Sunlion - she is eating pretty well now. Actually, the vet told me to feed her however much food she wants because that's how bad off she is, and the back of the bag says that for a kitten her age, she should get only 1/5 - 3/5 cups of food a day, waaaay too little for Wubbles. The sad thing is that she will never stop shaking when she walks or sits up. It is especially bad when she is conentrating on something. Like when she eats she shakes so bad that I had to move her bowl away from the wall because she kept thumping it (don't laugh, please ) But when she plays with her toys, there is no difference between how she does and how a normal cat does. Also, I have noticed that she cannot jump. I don't think she understands how to, so instead she is perfecting her ability to climb. (uh-oh!) I'll worry about that later, but for now, she's a really good little kitty, and quite a purrball!

I will have to get some pics up soon! She's really a little cutie!

hehehe - I have a problem with rhyming names of my cats, too or coming up with things that sound similar to their names --- like wubbles is also wubs, wubwub, wubbledeewubs It's a good thing she can't hear me calling her all these things or she wouldn't know her name! heh heh
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Her ears may not hear you but be assured her heart does. God's blessings on both of you.
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How did the vet find out that all of her brain was not fully developed?
I think it totally sucks that I live in such a small town with a vet, (who does his best) but is most adept with farm animals. (cattle)

I took Ash in, she was about 5 months old, also, just like Wubbles, and she was bone thin, at first he thought maybe she had worms, but after I treated her for that, and there was no difference, he didnt know what was wrong. she had a constant supply of food, so it wasn't that she wans't being fed, and the vet didn't seem to know what was wrong with her, and now after hearing your story, I wonder if Ash might have had the same problem as your baby. She also may have been deaf too, she showed many of the signs you have told us. She was such a little lover, and I am so sorry I lost her.

I will pray that wubbles makes it, please let us know.
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Good for you for taking in this poor baby. I got all 4 of mine because someone else threw them away and they are the best! My Fred had an accident a few years ago, (he got caught in a car fan) and has a slight wobble to his head sometimes, and sometimes he just sits and grins. He's not quite right, but we love him!
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Wow. I think it tells a LOT about a person that is willing to take a handicapped animal into their hearts and homes. You will be blessed over and over for this; I just know you will not regret it, NightSoWindy. Such special pets those less fortunate ones make - I almost think that somewhere deep down they know you saved them and they know you DO care where others didn't, and they try to make up for that all their lives with extra purrs, extra love, and extra extra big hearts. Congratulations on your new, extra special kitty!!
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