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Hair: I have long, dark, very thick, curly hair. Curlyheads, unite and embrace your curls!! Throw the flat iron away! hehe Anyway. I like L'Oreal Vive shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. I use the L'Oreal anti-frizz cream on it and then let it air dry if I have time, or blow it dry with a difuser if I'm in a hurry. My hair hasn't been as dry since I started that routine. Other curlyheads might want to check this site out:
They have lots of tips and stuff for curlyheads.

Face: St. Ives apricot scrub to clean, then Clean & Clear medicated toner on my nose and chin. I can't use soap or anything that foams or my skin gets REALLY flakey. I also use a LOT of Neutrogena Healthy Skin spf 15 moisturizer. Keeps everything soft and flake-free. hehe I don't use much in the way of make-up, since every foundation I try either irritates my skin or doesn't look right because I'm so pale. My eyes are very dark, so I like to use dark blue or black eyeliner and shadow. I don't use lipstick, but I like Blistex DCT and LipMedex, and Tutti Dolci gloss (it's as good as lip balm, but shiney).

Body: Dove body wash, St. Ives apricot scrub (it's multi-purpose, yay!!) and St. Ives lotion for extra dry skin. I also like the Bath & Bosy Works body creams...they are SOO rich and soft. And they smell nice too.
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Well, I change them alot but at the moment I'm using:

Hair: Brillant Brunette Shampoo and Paul Mitchell leave in conditioner. I also love Garnier Fructis Smoothing Milk. I have long thick brown hair and still trying to find the best product for it.

Facial: ST. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub, leaves my face sooo soft! I've also always loved Noxzema. No moisturizer, but I'm getting a bit old so I think I should start with some of that age-defiying stuff pretty soon!

makeup: I don't wear much but most days must wear eye liner, mascara and blush and no fancy brands, usually Maybelline. I always wear lipstick and like mauve or red. I wear foundation and eye shadow occasionally, but not on a daily basis.

Body: Oh, I love smell goods! Bath & Body Works or Victoria's Secret, at the moment I just LOVE Rice Flour and Shea Butter. I also just bought a Mandarin Vanilla and it smells so yummy! I like store brand soaps too. My favorites are probably Dove and Caress.
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For your hair? I either like to get thermasilk and pantene (for frizzys) since my hair is long and wavy. I HAVE to blowdry it or gel it into curls or it goes frizzy everywhere. I also like to used a product called BioSilk. Just a little drop all through my hair and it helps to straighten and keep it nonfrizzy. I have to get it at the local hairdressers shop using my friend (whos a hairdresser) because you can only shop there if you have a hairdresser license. They also have huge bottles of shampoo that I like but I can't get that all of the time because it's expensive. Lasts about 6 months and smells REALLY good though.

For your face? My skin is VEY sensitive. Once in Jr high I used a facial mask and my face blew up like a huge pumpkin and Ive had troubles ever since. I have found I can only use Nivea and Cetaphil products for cleanser and moisterizing. Biore has a cleanser with tee tree oil in it that I can use a few times a week without any problems also and it's awesome.

Now with makeup I LOVE anything that Rimmell makes! And I carry with me everywhere Cover Girls continuous color Pink Moon lipstick.

For your bod? Jergens Naturally smooth and some new cream that has oatmeal in it. I think its jergens too but I'm not at home so I can't look. )I'll edit later with the name) Its awesome. I put it on it the morning and I'm smooth and silky all day long!!

edit its not jergens its suave oatmeal treatment

Inquiring mind wants to know.

Also: Do you ever have those days where you just DO NOT want to pretty-up? Yes but I usually put some eyeshadow on before I come over to Johns. He likes to suprise me with "oh i need to go out to the store" when I get over here. lol I've started to keep makeup and clothes here so I don't really have to worry anymore. Phewww... OK I think I'm done.. I love talking makeup and clothes! lol
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I have long, natural curly blonde hair. I like Nexxus Therappe Shampoo, had also been using Aura Aromatherapy Shampoo for blondes, but they just discontinued it. At the Whole Foods Market the other day, I found a shampoo I really like! It's Nature's Gate Herbal Shampoo with Panthenol, it smells wonderful! I use Aura Rosemary Mint Rejuvenating Leave In conditioner.

My skin is super sensitive. To wash my face, I use Cetaphil. During the day, I use Olay Complete Fragrance Free with SPF 15 and Loreal Revitalift. At night, Lubriderm Skin Renewal Fragrance Free and Burt's Bees Royal Jelly Eye.

I don't wear make up and wouldn't know where to begin except it needs to be hypoallergenic. For my lips, if I'm going out, Avon Winter Cheer Lip Balm or Burt's Bees Cherry Lip Gloss, both have just the slightest hint of pink and feel great! Any other time, I use Burt's Bees Wax Lip Balm, it's wonderful!

For my hand lotion, I use Burt's Bees Milk and Honey Body Lotion. This must be the very best lotion ever made! I wash my hands constantly at work, and very frequently all the other time. They used to be dry all the time. Now, they are always nice and soft, never dry! Everywhere else, olive oil when I get out of the shower, again, keeps my skin from getting dry and soothes my legs after I shave.

For body wash, I enjoy anything from Bath and Body Works and The Body Shop! I also use Herbal Essence and Suave Lavender. I am allergic to absolutely everything else.

I enjoy the fragrances of Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop, and Victoria's Secret. My favorite fragrance of all time is The Spirit of Moonflower from The Body Shop.
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Originally Posted by katl8e

......I use bath gloves, rather than a washcloth or sponge. They are scritchy enough to exfoliate, soft enough for delicate areas and make the body wash lather up well.
Bath gloves?!? Where do you get those? I've never seen them! The most I can find around here are milking gloves. Pray tell!
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I have a ton of products for my hair... I usually use Fructis but I'm starting to dislike the way it smells so I bought Herbal Essences Blackberry/Avocado/Mango Shampoo and Conditioner... It smells so pretty... I also have a really expensive set of Blackberry Shampoo and Conditioner that I only use for special occasions because it's like $9 a bottle... I think it's called Alagio... I have curly hair so I use mousse, lotion and hair spray to keep it from frizzing uncontrollably... Typically I use Citre Shine Polishing Serum, Salon Selectives Mousse, Strickly Curls Curl Defining Lotion and Aqua Net hair spray... Everyone makes fun of me because Aqua Net is stereotypically for old ladies but it works great! LoL

I wash my face with Noxema and I have this moisturizing lotion that I swear by... It's The Healing Garden Spa Therapy Body-Toning Spray with lemongrass... It's amazing... I had a few dry patches on my skin and they went away... I actually bought a bottle for Adrian because he has a couple of patches too and he's been using it for a while and they've been going away slowly... The stuff is great... kinda expensive at $7 a bottle but totally worth it!

What else... um... Caress Body Wash and I have so many bottles of Bath & Body Works Body Sprays, Lotions and Washes... My favorites are Sweet Pea, Black Rasberry Vanilla, and Strawberries and Champagne... Oh and The Healing Garden zzztherapy Silk Pajamas Body Lotion puts me right to sleep at night...

I know, I have a ton of stuff... Adrian is forever making fun of me for all my products... He's always calling me a girly girl... LoL Oh well, I dont hear him complaining when he's sniffing my hair and telling me I smell good...
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Bath gloves?!? Where do you get those? I've never seen them! The most I can find around here are milking gloves. Pray tell!
How about The Body Shop , E!
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My hair is short like Halle Berry's old hairdo. I found that I like Garnier Fructis' Long and Strong. I still haven't found the right type of stuff that keeps it fluffy like I like it though.

When I need facial stuff (like when I break out) I use Proactiv. I used to have major skin problems and when I got engaged I wanted clear skin so I used that for a year before hand. Now I only have to use it once every couple of months to keep my skin in shape. For moisturizer I user Oil of Olay's Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum. Everything else is too strong. For makeup I use Bare Escentials for foundation and blush, etc., but I like Revlon Eye Glide in charcoal and Max Factor's permanent lip color in 140. I haven't found a mascara that I like. I like stuff that's waterproof and is in black and curls.

For soap, I never use any, I use cleanser instead. I LOVE the new Dove Cucumber and Greentea.
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I have straight, medium length hair. I mostly use Philosophy products, especially Amazing Grace shampoo/bodywash and conditioner and whatever flavor they send every month for the power showers club- white chocolate hazelnut last month. I also use Paul Mitchell Awapuhi and "the Conditioner".

For my face I use the "make up optional skin kit by philosophy"- it comes with 'purity made simple' the best face wash I've ever used, a microdermabrading peel, hope in a jar, and some other neato stuff. has this nifty program where you get a new supply every three months automatically.

I also use "the present" clear makeup by philosophy and Loreal 'true match' foundation and powder, Prescriptives blush and eye shadow, Revlon eye shadow, Philosophy "kiss me" lip balm,
Estee Lauder lip gloss in 'creamsicle' and Avon mascara.

For perfumes I use philosophy "amazing grace" or Ralph Lauren "Lauren" or "Romance."

I use the Venus Divine razor and Aveeno shave gel.

I like the Bath and Body Works and Garden Botanika stuff a lot too.
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Oooh, so many things I'd like to try!

My hair is straight, fine and shoulder length (growing out an old cut!)
I use L'Oreal Elvive Anti Aging and Thickening shampoo and a Schwartscopf (sp?) Supersoft Conditioner.

For my face, I use Clinique Emolient Soap, Olay exfoliator every other day, and Olay Cleanser, Aloe Vera Toner and moisturiser.

For my body, I use Imperial Leather Moisturising Shower Gel or Boots Royal Jelly. Then I will either moisturise with Lavendar Body Lotion (Boots) or if I am not going out, my Relaxing body oil.

Make-up wise, I tend not to wear make-up, but I do have a jolly good collection of Clinique stuff! I also have a favourite eyeliner that's from Tesco (like the colour you mentioned, Beth! But I think mine is called Moss!)

Perfume wise, everyday I will wear Lavendar Oil, but on the odd occasion I will either wear CK Contradiction or D&G Feminine!
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I don't use anything special, but I can't live without lip balm! I get windburn easily.

I also use papaya soap for my face - it's been said that it can whiten & exfoliate skin better than any soap.
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Originally Posted by Sar
Oooh, so many things I'd like to try!
Oh I know! The next time I have a spare bit of money I know I'm gonna find this thread and try some new things!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
How about The Body Shop , E!

THANK YOU!!!....don't think milking gloves would have done it for me in the shower!
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Wowzers. I just went to that website. I agree; curlyheads should unite and EMBRACE and LOVE their curls!!! I got really sick of seeing gals ironed flat! I'm glad curls are making a comeback!

I forgot to mention one other thing I like: Udderly Smooth Udder Cream. They sell it at Walgreens & Walmart. Yeah it's made for cow teats, but it surely works on human hands & human feet. My hands are usually a cracked, bleeding mess from winter around here, but this cow cream has made my hands all pretty.

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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Bath gloves?!? Where do you get those? I've never seen them! The most I can find around here are milking gloves. Pray tell!
Not sure where she got hers from, but I have a set that came from the SuperTarget here.
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Thanks Katherine! Super Target is the same as regular Target, but just on steroids, right? We do have a Body Shop here, but either way, this is great to know.
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Oh yes I had completely forgotten to mention perfume. My absolute FAVORITE is Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder. I just love it and get compliments every time I wear it. It's really expensive though so thankfully Brendan got it for me for our last anniversary or else I would NEVER have been able to afford it. I have a ton of other perfumes, but that one is by far my favorite.

The only thing that will stay on my nails for any period of time is a french manicure, any color starts chipping by the end of the first day, regardless of what brand it is and whether a professional did it or not. Very slippery nails runs in my family. However for my toe nails (which I always keep polished) I use either OPI or Ulta brand polish. Ulta is a large cosmetics store here. It's a chain so I'm sure it's other places as well. What I do do to my fingernails though is use this stuff from Dead Sea Spa Care that buffs my nails and makes them look absolutely gorgeous. You use this stuff once a month and your nails will remain shiny for weeks. It actually works too. I love it.

I think that's everything. Though I'm sure I'll be back in this thread many more times since I'm obsessed with products.
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Thanks Katherine! Super Target is the same as regular Target, but just on steroids, right? We do have a Body Shop here, but either way, this is great to know.
hahaha Exactly! Great description!!! Regular Target would have it as well I'm sure.
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Ooh Katherine you're so right - Beyond Paradise is gorgeous isn't it. When I was at the airport, I was seriously torn which perfume I was going to take home - but Coco Mademoiselle won again. Never mind, I'll be back in duty free later in the year.......
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LOL, I'm glad to see curls making a comeback too....'cauise I have very thin, soft, babyfine hair, and I keep a perm in it to make it curly and do something besides just lay on top of my head!

For your hair?I usually use the Tressemme original formula, about once a week I use the foam conditioner that Dove came out with last year, and the two or three days before I get a new perm I use the "Three Minute Miracle" that Aussie products puts out.

For your face? I have the dryest, most sensitive face that I've ever seen on a woman, but lately I have found a new Dove product for sensitive skin, and I bought their face wash and night cream, love 'em! although I do wear the night cream day and night too!

Make up, like powder, lip gloss, mascara? My foundation is Cover Girl Smoothers, doesn't break my face out, covers great, doesn't dry it out either. My blush and lipstick are both Avon, Mascara is waterproof Almay. I prefer any cream or liquid eye shadow, 'cause they don't flake off into my eyes.

For your bod? Usually Clearasil facial antibacterial soap, when I want to exfoliate I use my very own chocolate sugar scrub, mmmm! My two favorite colognes are Lady Stetson and Romance by Ralph Lauren, they're among the few that don't make my head spin!

Truthfully though, I don't wear makeup unless I'm going to church, or out somewhere that I want to look " better" thatn normal, lol!
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For your hair?
My hair is shoulder length, brown with blond and chesnut highlights, it's very thin, and slightly wavy. I use Pureology Hydrate shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair, it doesn't weigh down my hair, and I like the way it takes to styling (if that makes sense). I use either Sebastion or Paul Mitchell hairspray, Sebastion holds better but I hate the way it smells.

For your face?
I use the Clinique 3 step system for cleaning my face, I have problems with my skin being oily and breaking out so I will use a clay mask from time to time and the exfoliating scrub.
The only make-up I use is foundation, Clinique Superfit is what I am using now. I love Burts Bees chap stick.

For your bod?
Dove soap, I've used it for years. Not picky on lotions, anything that smells nice. Neutragena makes some very nice lotion. I don't really use perfume all that much...a full bottle of perfume can last me ten years so it goes bad before I use it all. I have a sample of something called Sensi which I like and would consider buying if I can't get another sample.

Do you ever have those days where you just DO NOT want to pretty-up?

That is pretty much every day for me! I am much more comfy in jeans and a t-shirt than anything else.
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For all of y'all who mentioned Burt Bee's chapstick... I love that stuff! I used to have some a few years ago but I lost it and last week I bought a new one... great stuff!

Does anyone use toner? Someone at Origins was recommending it to me when I was buying cleanser and I never really know what the point of it is, nor anyone who uses it.
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My hair -
My hair is shoulder-length, light brown, straight. I just recently (few months ago) stopped highlighting it after 10 years of doing it. It has always stayed really oily, even when highlighting it, so I don't use much conditioner. But I kind of keep switching on my shampoos - between Suave clarifying, Dove Beautifully Clean, Back to Basics Tangerine Twist, and Loreal Vive Fresh Shine.

My face -
I use Clinique foaming Acne Wash. It makes my face feel so good! I have been using Cliniue stay-true makeup, but will soon probably be switching to cover girl, because there aren't any places near that sell clinique now (Belk just moved). And I use the Clearisil Ultra face pads and Biore Blemish Fighting or Deep Pore Cloths and some Avon clearskin products. I use Chapstick lip moisturizer and softlips.

My Bod -
I LOVE Caress Spring Blush (now discontinued, but I stocked up) and Shimmering Petals products - body wash, shower gel, lotion, body mist, etc. I use the Dove Nutrium body bar. I also use Sweet Pea products from Bath and Body Works. I use the Sweet Pea Body Butter and the antibacterial moisturizing hand lotion - that stuff is amazing. I use either Skintimate or Satin Care shave gels - any scent - and gillette Venus razor. I use a perfume called "Very Irresistible" by Givenchy. Umm...Dove deordorant. I use bath gloves, poufs, and washcloths - depends on my mood.
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226

Does anyone use toner? Someone at Origins was recommending it to me when I was buying cleanser and I never really know what the point of it is, nor anyone who uses it.

well....I use Clinique #3 toner. It's just a way to really deep clean your pores even after you wash. There's all kinds of cooling stuff in it, so it shrinks my pores and creates a really smooth texture for anything that goes on top. It also conditions the see when you wash it strips most everything off, so putting some good stuff back in before any makeup goes on makes sense to me! sheesh, this sounds like a commercial!
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Originally Posted by Jalapeno
I don't use anything special, but I can't live without lip balm! I get windburn easily.

I also use papaya soap for my face - it's been said that it can whiten & exfoliate skin better than any soap.
Ohhh, papaya soap!! Sounds yum!!
Are there any particular brands you would recommend, or any place in the US that might carry it (noticed your location is Manila)?
Is it good for sensitive skin?
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for my hair, because i have highlights, i use john freida for blonde hair which brings out the highlights, i also use VO5 hotoil, and before i dry i i use VO5 miracle mist because i use ceramic straightners.

for my face i use loreal pure zone 1 2 &3

and i use loreal moistureiser for my body because i go on the sunbeds
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Oh yes, I use Skintimate Shavegel with Aloe for Sensitive Skin and the Gillette Venus razor.
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I am so boring.

Skin: up until I was 45, I used noxema almost exclusively (with the occasional dabble with Pears soap). Now, my formerly nice skin is deciding to act up, at the moment, all it will tolerate is Ponds cold cream which I apply, and then remove with a warm, wet washcloth. I don't mositurize at the moment, as I am out of the best stuff I've found called Transformessence.

Hair: very long, below the shoulder blades, but with another 4+ inches heading to my waist...will not be cutting it until I've finished my weight loss, so expect to have hair down below my knees before I am done. Why? Call it being 49, and "why not"? It will be the last time I go for super long hair. I do color it (L'Oreal) to keep it the medium ash blond it has been most of my life, but have a resistent patch of bone white along one temple...kind of like a small bird wing I do not fuss with it except for use of a detangler comb and a boarbristle brush...just use Head and Shoulders. There is an organic moisturizer that is out of this world that I am currently out of - Giovanni Organic Leave-In Conditioner that I can't recommend enough.
In the meantime, my fall back conditioner is Avalon Organic Lavender conditioner.

Makeup: don't bother much, but I'm a lifelong fan of L'Oreal and Revlon lipsticks, and when I *do* have nails, I adore OPI.
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