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She won't shut up!!!!!

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OKay...I love my cat, Topanga, dearly. She is very nice and friendly...but she just won't shut up, especially when I am trying to sleep. What should I do about this?
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I'll move this to Behavior for advice on this.
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um, have you gotten her spayed yet? because she might be calling out for a mate.
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My cat will not stop crying either..she is 15..in great health, I've taken her to the vet and spent tons of money trying to figure out what is going on but they say she is doing great and they would never guess she is 15.

As soon as I walk in the door she is crying constantly..nothing I do keeps her quiet. I feed her as soon as I get home, she walks upstairs after eating and starts the crying again and acts like she wants fed again. If I walk anywhere near the basement (where her food is) she sprints down as fast as possible to get fed...even if she just ate 5 minutes before. My cat has an eating disorder!!!!

I think she may be a bit disoriented, even if they said she's ok at the vet. She doesn't have issues with the bathroom though. I just want to teach her to stop crying, but since cats aren't like dogs I haven't figured it out!!

Anyone have any tips to train her to stop crying without driving me crazy in the process?
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When you cat is being unusually vocal, you need to be sure that first of all, the cat is healthy.
Sometimes,we create the behavior for a needy cat, by reinforcing their noise with pleasureable things. For example, the cat cries, the owner drops what she is doing, runs to the kitty, pets the cat, feeds the cat, plays with the cats...then leaves. The cat eats, bats the toy around, gets bored, starts to meow- the owner appears, the cycle is repeated...... You now have a cat that is alpha over you-

For nocturnal cryers, understand that this is normal. Cat's hunt at night, and they call to each other at night. Your cat is calling to you as is her instinct, so right before you go to bed, you play with this cat for about 15 minutes with an interactive toy like Da Bird. You start out slow, then build into a fever pitch then slack off the energy level. At the end, you leave your cat without the toy (prey) but you give her a nice bowl of canned food. She will then start sleeping through the night-

If you know your cat is healthy than when she cries, you ignore her. The minute she is silent, you go to her and pet her, or play with her, but the minute she cries. You leave. You keep this up and you are reconditioning her to understand that you are Alpha and she is not calling the shots. Also feeding a cat every time she cries is dangerous and can lead to obesity, heart problems, diabetes, or just a finicky eater- none of which you want.
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Thanks for the advice. First off, she is spayed and in great health. In fact, I've only had her for about a month. She is a little over a year old.

As far as feeding goes, she has food out and is really good about controlling how much she eats. However, I recently left her home alone for a few days...she had plenty of food and water and even had some left over when I got home...so I think that she might just want my attention...but she talks to everything...even with her toys. I guess I'll just do what one of you said about petting her when she is quiet and ignoring her when she is loud.

that'll show her!

heh...thanks guys!
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Some breeds just talk- manx's trill, siamese talk, and there are other breeds that just like to make noise-
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kradextreme - you may have figured out the reason your cat is crying so much...you mentioned leaving her alone for a few days. It probably was not a happy experience for her. She may have been very lonely and could be worried that it will happen again. Could be that's what the crying's about.

If you do have to leave her alone again, make sure to keep lights on for her and have a radio playing soft music or have the TV on (a nature channel would be good!) If it's for more than 24 hours, I would highly suggest you either hire a petsitter or have a friend come in to check on her. Lots of things, unfortunately, can happen in a day. She could become ill, get into something dangerous, your heat could go off, etc. Checking on her at the very least, once per day, to refresh food and water, play with her, or just cuddle her a bit, will help her feel less alone.
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Gibby, for example walks around just squeaking away.. but he's done that as long as I've had him. I don't really mind it.. he sounds cheerful when he talks I wish i could get a sound clip of it.
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