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Anyone with piercings?

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I know several of you have tatoos,but does anyone have any piercings? Other than your ear that is :tounge2: I'm planning to get a couple soon.
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I don't even wear earrings. I tried but they hurt my ears. I don't like pain and just seeing someone getting pearced or tattooed gives me the willies.
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here's a thread on this very subject, that has 155 replies!


it's very interesting!
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I have my ears pierced with just one hole...... but, I don't wear earings. I have a nice pair of diamond earings that my husband gave me for my birthday a few years ago, but rarely wear them! I have 3 tattoos. A rose w/ a heart on each ankle, and a heard w/ flowers with my husband's name on the back of my shoulder. That's all I plan to have, too!
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I was going to reference the same thread Airprincess did. It's everything you want to know about piercings and tattoos around here.

I, personally, have a double pierce in the right ear and a triple pierce in the left. I also have the cartilage done in the left ear. That's about all I'm doing.
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Hmmm I only have double ear peircings in each ear....Im too much of a wuss to have anything else done!! If I had a nice slim firm tanned tummy I might be tempted to have my bellybutton peirced (of course I'd have to get over my "wussness" too) but seeingas that is never going to happen... I'll have to pass on the belly ring..doh!! I think the nose studs look really pretty too....but it would hurt so I won't do it!!! ha ha ha
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I have 5 earrings in my left ear and one in my right.
I am to much of a wussy to get anything else done.:chicken:
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Hi, I have one large tattoo of a lotus flower on my back between my shoulder blades and my nose is peirced with a tiny sparkly stud. I will definatly be getting more in the future!
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Ooooo Buttercup!! did the nose stud hurt!?!!! I want one but Im too wussy to get it done!!!
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I've thought more than once about getting a labret (below the bottom lip) but haven't. I also, once, contemplated nipples, but got gun-shy on that too. So far, no additional holes have been made in my flesh. I guess I'm a big wuss, too.

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Getting my nose or more corectly nostril periced didn't hurt at all even less than my ears. It did make my eye on the side I got peirced water though. Don't laugh but I have seriously considered getting my nipples done to since I am very slim but extermly busty I thought It would be a nice enhancement for a certain someone only. The only thing is that getting nipples done is supose to be THE most painful peirceing! Genitals not withstanding.LOL
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I have my tongue, eyebrow, and nostril. I do body piercing for a living.
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