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TCS is popular for all ages!

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We babysat Jeremy last night, our 2 year old nephew, and all he wanted to do was go on TCS! I guess your never too young to be addicted!!

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he is cute,
bens little sisters are 7 and 9 and they love to go to the Fur picture forum hehe
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Awww he is sweet though isn't he! But i can hear you now!, "Ok Jeremy it's aunty Susies turn!"
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He's such a cutie! Is your SIL father having problems again?
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What a cutie!
I was baby sitting my 8 year old (I think! ) niece a few days ago and she was really enjoying the fur pictures only!
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Aww he's such a lovely boy and has such good taste too!
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Thanks everybody!!
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He is so cute!!!
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Jeremy is absolutely adorable (and very intelligent, too). At age 2,he's more comfortable at that keyboard than I was at 45! My 9 year old grandson & my younger daughter love the cat pics! My entire family agrees - TCS is fun for all ages! What a great post,thanks for sharing! Susan
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Aww... What a smart adorable boy Jeremy is!!
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What a cutie, he's so smart.
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Awww that's cute. He wants to be like Auntie Susie!
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He's precious!

So sweet! I can't wait till he becomes a member. Try getting him off then.
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The fans seem to usually fall into the 12+ to 75+ category, but why not account for exceptions?
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Cheers to our youngest human member. He's a cutie and obviously has great taste in animals and websites!!!
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awww what a little cutie
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thank you susie for share you nephew is absolutely cute!!!!
Congrats Auntie Susie!!!!
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