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Yay! She Aproves of Ho Ho!

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My grandparents are a very big part of my life. Not only do they give mom and I emotional support, they also help us financially. They've helped mom with bills in the past, and bought me my first three cars. (Don't ask... none of the accidents were my fault.) Without them, I don't know what our family would be like.

It's a general understanding between mom and I that we have to have her parents approval before we do something. It's not that they'll stop helping us if we don't, it's just a general repect thing. My grandparents, mom and I, even though we live in two separate houses, always talk to each other before doing anything that might affect each other.

Getting pets fits into this catagory.

My grandma hated our last cat. I don't blame her. The cat was a devil that tried to attack anyone who walked in the door. Plus, my mother never cleaned the litterbox, and when you walked in you could really tell that we had a cat. It wasn't as bad as other houses I've been in, but my grandma is a clean freak who doesn't approve of any odor. (Seeing as how that cat attacked me, too, I wanted no part of her care.)

Grandma was okay with me getting Merlin, expecially because he walked up to her and she could pet him. Getting Hans upset her a little more. She made me promise no more cats after that. L.S. we had for a month before we told her, and even then I told my grandpa first. (He's the animal lover. I think I could have 20 cats and he'd be perfectly fine with it.) She was upset, and constantly said that the house was going to smell because of it, but as soon as she saw how adorable he was, she didn't have a problem. Again, the promise of no more cats.

She walked into the house today, and the first thing she said was that it didn't smell like cat. (A REALLY good thing, coming from her! I work extra hard to make sure that no one can tell we have cats.) So then in walks Ho Ho, and mom and I hold our breath. He jumped straight into my grandpa's lap, and then walked across the table to greet my grandma.

Both of them said at the same time that he looked just like Kutsu (It's Slovac, and I don't know what it means). That was the cat they had when my mom was still living at their house. I've heard a million things about that cat, even though he died years before I was born. He's a legend, and the best cat they've ever had or known. As soon as they said that, mom and I just looked at each other and sank to the floor.

And this time grandma didn't make me promise not to get any more cats. ::evil grin::
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Does that mean you'll be able to have 20+ cats in the future?
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I've already turned into the neighborhood cat-lady at 20 years old. I have four cats... If I keep going the way I have been.... yeah. 20 cats isn't such a hard thing to imagine.

(I actually dream of getting a very large house with vaulted ceilings, so I can run cat walks throughout the house. I'd like it to be a retirement center for older cats who would be put to sleep at the shelters. Now all I have to do is get a degree, get a job, get a house, and move out so I don't have to listen to the family complain!)
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I had 21 cats at one stage and wow!! it looked so cute them all bundled up together and watching all of their personalities.
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