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He is Such a Rascal

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Rascal is becoming more beautiful and more loving by the day. He follows me all over and if he can't find me, he cries. His fur is becoming sleek and smooth. His tail is becoming longer. He wakes me up in the middle of the night to play. When I come home from work and school, he starts to meow until I open the door. He is a bouncy fellow. He could be a graceful ballet dancer. Likes to chase things. And he licks me so much that my lips are very dry. He is also a little thief. He likes to steal food. He especially likes chicken, ham, cheese, beef. Don't worry, I keep an eye on him that he dosen't have any forbidden foods. This guy can jump. He makes me laugh and I wish I had a camcorder to film all his antics and find one that I can send to the Planet's Funniest Animals.
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nena - I am so glad that little Rascal is turning out to be such a great little purrfect guy!
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Awww Nena - he sounds great!!! Are'nt kittens just the best?!! Got any pics of the little guy yet?! (Im eager to drool over some cute kitty pics!! ha ha ha ) Im so glad you're getting along so well together!! Yey!! I can also relate to the "food thief" - we had just cooked dinner last night and we had made too much so there was some left over chicken on the side in the pan.....big mistake.....we were eating our dinner and suddenly noticed a "sluuuurping" noise coming from the direction of the kitchen!!! - No, not one cat, but FOUR munching away quite happily!!
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I can identify with the food stealing too. That's one of our few hard-and-fast rules: No kities on counters or tabletops. But do you think it ever works out that way? Nooo. Esp. two hungry cats, i am always distracted by one while the other one gets the goods! They've sure got me figured out! lol
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I just sit on the couch with my dinner and Rascal is on my lap in an instant. Here is another act. When I go to bed at night and cover myself, if I move my toes under the blanket, he will pounce on it. Same with my fingers. If I move them under the blanket, he thinks its a mouse and he jumps on it. This morning I woke up and he was on the side of my head looking down at me. If I try to go to sleep, he just meows and walks all over me. He's even tried to uncover me. And do you notice that cats are accident prone? Rascal gets in my feets way. I have to walk slowly because if I dont' , I will either accidently kick him(not too hard) or trip and fall. I rather trip and fall. He is also a little tornado. I still need to use up all the film. Then I have to find a scanner. Either at a print shop or with a friend. They can show me how use it. Then I have to learn how to post them. But Cat will help me with that.
But real soon...
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