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my angel

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i was 14. i had a kitten his name was aj he was the runt of his litter a black and grey tabby. when he looked at me with his big grey eyes it was love at first sight i begged my father for days to take him home with me i finally won the arguement. i took aj home when he was 3 mons and he sleep on my pillow right beside me i became his mother and he refused to be away from me slept on my chest when i took a bath. we moved and aj couldnt stay inside all day anymore he became an indoor outdoor cat i brought him in every night. since he was outside all the time i gave him baths never got scratched never bit just some dirty looks and an earfull of meows. i had to move and aj had to stay with my dad i came back one day and picked him up i told i loved him and missed him and he bit me and just glared at me. i loved him none the less and felt miserable cuse i knew he felt abandoned. i moved again this time aj with us and dad band aj out of the house all day and night i fought and fought told him that aj was dying on the street he would come home with wounds. i nursed aj back to health went to war with my father. they decided my dad couldnt take care of me anymore and i had to leave...with out my pet. my soulmate really. im 18 now and it still hurts its been 3yrs now no one has seen my aj i came back for him i had a new better home for us both but... he was gone everytime i go back to that neighboorhood i search for him and call out his name. i pray he has found a new home and some one to love him while i cry at night because i was forced to abandoned my love.
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Oh, girl! I am so sorry! I am praying for you and for aj!
I pray the same thing. I believe that God made these creatures for us to love and to love us. I pray that he is with someone who loves him and is taking care of him. I also pray that the Lord will give you peace. Bobbie
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I just said a prayer for you and aj.
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This must be very upsetting for you crazykitten but remember your little kit aj knew he was loved. These things happen for reasons we are never sure of. Cats do have a way of surviving against all the odds and it may well be that he has found a new home.
If you were taken with the way he looked it is more than probably someone else was too.
Take care - you are in my thoughts
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My heart goes out to you and aj.

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oh sweetheart - how my heart aches with you and how I cry with you...

know that aj knew how much he was loved by you and no matter where he is right now he will never ever forget that love.

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Oh I'm so sorry. You gave aj so much love and for that he will always remember you.

As he had experienced so much love before, it's likely that he found human company somewhere else. I know that you would like him back - but knowing that he may well have a new home may help you to rest comfortably.
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i know he must of found a home somewhere but.................. thank all of you
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Big hugs to you and belly rubs to aj! where ever you are
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So sorry for aj... my deep condolences...
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