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Check/credit card scam

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This week, I found a strange charge on my Visa Checkcard. It was for $29.99, paid to "Pluto D Nicosia". I KNEW that I hadn't authorized that charge, as I hadn't even used my card, on the date in question. There was a toll-free telephone number associated with the charge and I called it, only to reach an answering machine, with no identifying message.

I immediately called my bank, to dispute the charge. This charge wasn't even made on my current card. When the bank issued me a new card, last August, they did not disable my old one. THAT was the card number, that was used. Needless to say, THAT card is now defunct.

Out of curiousity, I Googled "Pluto D. Nicosia" and got several links to message boards, discussing this scam. It seems that I am not the only one, who's been hit for $29.99. Somebody has hacked some website(s) and gotten credit/check card info and is using it.

According to posters on these boards, this scam has been going on for about two years. It is based out of Louisiana and the telephone number traces to an answering service. There was also a link to an FBI Internet fraud site, for reporting this scam: ifccfbi.gov. I made a report but, if this scam has been around, this long, WHY hasn't it been stopped?

Check your credit/check card records. If you see a charge for $29.99 to "Pluto D. Nicosia 888-323-8955", dispute it at once and cancel that card.
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Thanks for the warning, I will be watching for it.
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