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Originally Posted by fwan
all of the people i want to hammer dont exist in my life anymore!
Fwan, you're scaring me! ...
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Originally Posted by yayi
Fwan, you're scaring me! ...
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Originally Posted by captiva
I seriously don't have a "hit list". No, it's not because people don't drive me crazy, I just don't let it get to me that much usually. I will usually tell someone to their face they drive me crazy or that they are going to make my head explode. Maybe that's why I don't get to the sledgehammer point - I just let them know early on if they are bugging me
Mostly people don't get to me enough to want them on a hit list, and mostly if someone is that irritating, we talk about it. But there are a few high-calibre schmucks I could cheerfully decaptitate -- unfortunately, to do so would create more problems than it would solve, and my issues with them are not ones that are amenable to discussion.
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I cannot really think of anyone I'd want to pound. I can think of some I would choose to never see again, though.
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One of my coworkers is a total PIG! She whines about things that have "happened" to her, which turn out to be things that she's done to herself. One of those things is something that has absolutely HORRIFIED everyone, on our team - she allowed her child-molester husband BACK into the house AFTER he'd been caught molesting their children and court-ordered to stay away, pending his trial. SHE lost custody of the kids and can't get them back, even though he's in jail, for the rest of his life (several CONSECUTIVE sentences).

She constantly butts into other people's conversations and tries to turn the subject around to her. The majority of our team has chosen to just act as if she's not there - not speaking to her or answering her questions. Today, she went whining to our supe: "Everybody's ignoring me!" Yup, that's EXACTLY what we're doing. The supe just said that he can't FORCE anyone to talk to her. (HE has kids, too).

Some people are alive, simply because its against the law to kill them.
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oh yes- i am familiar with hit lists!

there is one girl on mine and she knows it as imo theres no point in being pissed of with someone and having them not know it.

she's a very jealous, petty, insecure person and to make matters worse a down right liar. i used to pity her but now i dont even feel that.

when i found out what she was saying about me i confronted her and when that didnt work i deleted her email account (very mature i know!). i considered it a public duty to stop her spreading her diatribe.

she's ended up one very lonely girl through her own lies. so i guess karma gets there in the end.
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Although (as posted earlier) my hubby would happily reduce the world's population overnight I, on the other hand, don't get so wound up about it.

I work on the basis that with so many people in the world I can't possible get on with them all and equally I'm sure there are many people who find me irritating. Anyone who does something nasty to me, is probably treating others in the same way and as life has a habit of delivering its own revenge, will reap what they sow in the end. Consequently, I let it roll off my back and focus on the positive things in my life instead. I can only control what I do myself, and therefore my concern is making sure I can live with my own conscience when I go to sleep at night.
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Oooh, I have a few people on my hit list!

It is generally the people (in the art world) who steal my ideas and pass them off as their own. Or the people wo look down on me in the art world for no reason that I can see

Especially a girl from my first and second year at uni, she was always talking down to me - all of my friends noticed. Then the next week when her boyfriend wasn't talking to her (but he was speaking to me) she was linking arms with me and asking to sit with me and go to lunch with me????
Two faced or what?!

I do keep it ok with them though, as if I know what they are doing, I can make sure that I am always working on my own thing that I haven't discussed!

(it has happened to me in uni TOO many times!)
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OHHHHH YEAH!!! I've definitely got a few.

My boyfriend's old boss will be one. I've never met such a vile human being in all my life!!! Never has someone made my blood boil so much the FIRST TIME I MET THEM! I was FUMING for hours after I had my first encounter with this woman.

My roomie from last year would also be a great one for that list. I swear to you she's a nutcase. I'm NOT even exaggerating. She's FRIGHTENING and maddening at the same time. Thank god she's gone for good!!!
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Most of them I just ignore but sometimes you are forced to deal with people you don't like -
My ex-staff member who told my boss that I was looking for another job (untrue) and who gossiped about everyone behind their backs;

My SIL who is making my brother and my mother very unhappy;

One of my students who is so arrogant and rude I would like to slap her in the face.
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I agree with two faced people being bad. I also cannot stand LAZY PEOPLE!!! I do not get paid to to their work only mine!! (that's probably why I didn't get a "real" raise) I'm not a YES woman. I also do not like braggerts as they usally are bragging do to their low self esteem.

I have a hit list too but try to not let it bother me!!
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my husband never lets things bother him its like water of a ducks back to him, but me I just cant cope with nasty or back stabby people and I usally end up telling them exacually what I think, which I find doesnt help matters at all. I try to just keep doing my job which is so hard when you also have to do some one elses work because thier lazy.
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One thing I cannot stand is a Know-It-All. There is a girl that works in the office, I don't want to hammer, but would pay a dollar to be able to slap her. Just once. She is also one of those that are just TOO sweet- she puts on that fake nicey-nice voice that jangles my nerves, & her perfume can stink up the whole shop.
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