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Rare "cat" found!!

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There's not much to this story on the above website, but I'm looking for more....

I really hope if this little guy was someone's pet, he is returned very soon. He's could be very far from home and it would be so scary if the officials released him to the wild.
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oh my! I hope they don't release it into the sierra nevada it will die there. Im sure it came from a warm climate! And what about native wildlife there? Isn't there laws against releasing wild non-native animals?
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Actually, that's in the ringtails normal range. (It is from the Western United States, including Oregon, California, and New Mexico.)

My concern would be that if it were raised in capitivity, could it survive on it's own in the wild?

(By the way, I doubt anyone will come forward to claim it. They'd have to have a permit, probably, to have it be legal. Wanna bet they don't have that permit?)
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So beautiful! I sure hope they keep her safe!
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